New Vivosun room, flower/veg room update and new apparel 🎉 💯 💚

New grow room

Yesterday we got our 60x60x80 grow room by Vivosun 🎉 and ya dam right we got that bitch setup ASAP.

This is one of three that we are planning on setting up over the course of the next few months. And this was super easy to set up, I did get the skin on upside down the first time 😛 but we got it fixed 🥳

And I knew wtf I was buying but it’s always different once things come in. This tent is pretty big and seems so be a bit bigger then my original 5x5 at the first location. We have both Vivosun 315 watt CMH lights installed. One does have a veg bulb and the other has a flowering bulb. For now that’s fine but we will be revamping our lighting in this tent and hopefully with another new G8LED C3 like our other flower room. I’m super happy with this tent and set up we just need to finish it off with some in-line fans and charcoal filters. 🎉

Flower Room

Weeks to go and we will be harvesting again some of the bubba hash 🎉 💯 this room Is powered by the G8LED C3 by and so far so good. We love this light and is the brightest light yet. This is a full spectrum light giving the plants everything it needs in the spectrum to fully developed and put out some 🔥 flower.

Veg Room

feels good to have started some more beans, but I know I’m gonna have a “dead period” in harvesting cuz I didn’t start these sooner. We have 4 “banana French cookie 🍪“ 6 “rainbow gobbstopper” and one “strawnana tangilope” which we will take cuttings of all three and attempt to feminize each strain. We had great success with the marshmallow gobbstopper and now we

must up the production. Today this room will be getting fed it’s Advanced Nutrients. And at around the 4th node we will start the topping and training on these after they have been sexed properly.

Apparel & Accessories

New wax room productions beanies

New hoodies are now available 🥳

New trucker hats 🧢

And our new black wax room productions variable wattage pens are available. 350 mah with three settings with a preheat setting just shoot us a message. 💥 🤜

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