New things are starting

Yesterday we transplanted some clones we got from a buddy who is figuring out there cloning process. We mixed up 75 grams of Vulx volcanic mineral soil amendment per gallon of fox farm ocean forest medium. This amendment makes the nutrients more readily available to use. So we backed off the nutrients by 25% and we will bring the levels back up to normal if this mineral allows it. Between using Onit sciences organic grow additive and then this amendment we should be able to “better” our results better then the clones we just had harvested. We transplanted 8 clones and hopefully they pull through. They are a bit small and honestly dont know if any will pull through but we are giving our best shot. We got these I too ok the vegroom with the other 3 girls under the 400 watt metal halide

Then in the flowerroom we are on day 23 of flower for “slice the pie“ and day 9 for the rest.everything we have in flower started from seed from sanctuary seeds. keep things simple and things will come out better, usually

We also got a few blueberry cartridges made up. We used one gram of shatter to 2 ml of wax liquidizer and we are able to make 3 one gram carts. We also have two grams of decarbed shatter we are using to make a test run of chocolates.

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