New style carts and grow/extraction update 🎉 💯 💚

new carts! 🥳

so the company we have been going through for carts have just come out with a full glass cartridge which we have coming with our logo on them. 🥳 these are going to pair well with our new carts coming out. Fresh material means awesome looking and hitting cartridges 🎉 Placing this order tomorrow


Over the weekend we didn’t have much happening for extractions. But I was able to get some material together we had kickin around for one extraction. we ran our normal warm water bath and ended up with....

this 🤣 and it was not much but we collected it up and sealed it for curing.

our second extraction was of some of the trim of the “mandarin hammer” using an organic solvent called pure322 and you can find it at and use waxroom10 for a discount.

This blast (above) was done with the mandarin hammer trim. We packed as much as we comfortably could in the 18 inch extraction tube and ran two cans of pure322. We then collected this one and sealed it for curing. Sadly the extractions were consumed before we could finish curing..... but

It came out great specially for a fresh trim run. Many believe I’m always gonna get a green extract but over the last 16 months I have figured out how to use pure322 properly for best performance and this one smells like 🍋 lime 🎉 and dabbed beautifully.

Flower room and harvest

We have moved a few things around in the grow room. As of now the flower room holds two mandarin hammers, one marshmallow Gobbstopper and two creature bear og F2 autoflowers. We did harvest one of the mandarin hammers allowing the room for the marshmallow Gobbstopper to be brought in.

These two creature bear og F2 were produced by 1212 homegrow the link will bring you to his page. We ran a batch a few months back and an amazing outcome with them.

(Above) we finally took down the first mandarin hammer. This is the first of five that will be coming down eventually of this strain. We clipped all the fan leaves off and then trimmed them up over our stainless steel tub and prepped them for the My Herbs Now dryer. Link will bring you to there Instagram page.

And then placed them on the tray for drying

The dryers default preset time is 96 hours when you turn it on. I’m guessing this small batch will take about half that time. When using this dryer you need to learn it before you make a decision if you like it or not. I love ours.

Veg Room

we have our two mandarin hammers we have been training more so then others. Now we used to train like this all the time and then For some reason I backed off on it. One is using an EZ-Train belt and using some paper lips to secure the two main stalks. The other mandarin hammer we are “LST” and we have to daily, few times a day even we are coming in here and training her to allow more light to the bottom shoots to bring them up. We should be topping one more time once everything hits that fourth node or so from the last topping.

And then The three feminized bubba hash from The Attitude Seed Bank, link will bring you to there Instagram page . Which again we have topped once so far and with some low stress training we are bringing up the lower shoots the best we can. We will top again once we get to the fourth node from the last topping.

We will be taking cuttings and possibly starting a dedicated mother plant to keep are perpetual grows going.

12 Site Cloner

So we are on round three of cloning. First run went awesome. Second run I have no fucking idea what happend and now this run. First we are using one gallon of solution. Mixing in 30ml of cloning solution by CloneX to one gallon of water and bringing the ph between 5.5 and 6.5. This was at 6.0 naturally. We have 8 mandarin hammer cuttings. 6 from the veg room and two “monster cropped” from the mandarin hammer that is on week 3 of flowering. We also are trying two more cutting from the marshmallow Gobbstopper which too is considered “monster cropped” with the plant being 3 weeks into flower already. Only giving it ambient light and once I start seeing some type of rooting we will add the small seedling light and then possibly bring it into the 2x4 tent....

2x4 tent

so moving the marshmallow Gobbstopper from this isolation tent to the flower room left this room open for the moment. So we lowered the light and brought in the freshly popped Strawnanna tangilope seedlings. These are from Pure Smoke Boutique and we have many strains from them we will be working on feminizing for them. Yes the marshmallow Gobbstopper was a failure but once we sex these Strawnanna tangilope and choose one we can feminize we will get popping the next strain from them this link will bring you to there Instagram page let em

know wax room sent ya 🙌🏻.


Gotta go 🤣 tomorrow’s blog we will continue on this