New strains, transplanting and making the next move the best move yet 🎉 💯 💚

Harvest and drying

Last week we chopped the juicy fruit down from the flower room and got it hung up in the drying cabinet. we then let it dry till the smaller stems started to snap. Then we took a few minutes and got the flowers jarred up....

We still have to do some final trimming but do believe most of this is going straight to the extraction tube. Have not taken an overall weight yet and I’m not sure if we will but we got two large and one small mason jar full

And super happy with the overall results with this grow. This is one out of 2 we recently chopped and the other one, the marshmallow Gobbstopper from Pure Smoke Boutique, is still in the My Herbs Now dryer....

As of right now we have 40 hours left before the defaulted 96 hours is up. Again I do believe most all of this will be getting thrown into the extraction tube.

Cabin grow

Cabin grow.... being all flawless and shit 🤣 we have our marshmallow Gobbstopper clones growing nicely. We fed them there Advanced Nutrients base nutrients at 15ml grow, 15ml micro and 10ml bloom while in veg. We will adjust that ratio once we flip into bloom. First two weeks of flower is when most of our work will be done, as for now these girls can keep on keeping on.

Everything are in 5 gallon fabric pots. Last round we had 10-15 gallon fabrics and I believe they were just to much for what we needed. Also using Happy Frog soil from Fox Farm. And we have two Vivosun 315 watt CMH lights running this room 🥳 and loving it.

New strains

other day we started some new strains. we started 3 feminized “bubba hash” and one “critical XXL auto” whoch both strains came from “The Attitude Seed bank” and yesterday the last bubba hash finally came through, upside down.....

So we ripped the block open and flipped her. The other strain we started were some more “creature bear og” autoflowers from @1212homegrow (Instagram) and we already have most of them in there final homes in the veg room....

We have the bubba hash going into 3 gallon fabric pots and we have the creature bear og autos going into one gallon pots and the critical xxl auto is going into a 2 gallon fabric pot. Also in the veg room we are still holding 7 of the mandarin hammers which all need to still be sexed and transplanted into something a bit bigger before we move and flip them into flower.

outdoor grow

All five in the ground for our late outdoor grow are doing ok. One above is the best one out of all of them. And surprisingly all are showing to be females but we

must keep an eye on them. These were all random “bag seed” pops but looking good.

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