New strains started & Big moves in the grow rooms and last of the flower extractions 💯 💚


We got the rest of the Durban poison extracted. This was mostly DP but finished the pack with sour sorbet and juicy fruit. We did an over night cure of it and it came out beautifully....

And for now we are looking at some personal grows to buy for our next extractions. We are all out of flower, again 🤦‍♂️ but we are on the next round for the cabin.

Indoor grow rooms

  • harvest of the juicy fruit

We could of tied this girl up but it was time....

We snipped all the fan leaves off and kept it into 5 major parts to hang it them up. We filled the drying cabinet well with this one girl...

We will plan for a 14 day dry which we will then Do our final trimming of it. We will keep this cabinet dark and cool as possible. But most likely we will be taking these down around day ten unless I can figure out how to bring the temperatures down for this room.

  • Flower Room

Since we harvested the “juicy fruit” we now had room to move on something to keep the flowers rolling through here. We moved the one bag seed girl, which is in the 3 gallon fabric, and four of the mandarin hammers which are staying in the one gallon fabric pots. We still need to keep our 👁 on these five and make sure we don’t get any SACS and keep things from getting fucked up. But 🎉 we are keeping these rooms full the best we can. We have about 7 days before that marshmallow Gobbstopper from Pure Smoke Boutique is ready to come down.

  • Veg Room

And since we moved them five I to the flower room we then had the veg room completely open. We swept things out and cleaned it up and moved the rest of the mandarin hammer from the T5 table to here. We may flip this room into flower quick and see what we have for females and then revert bavk to veg (16/6) and get rid of what is showing to be males. i would like these to all go in at the same time to the flower room.

  • Seedlings

We got 9 rock wool cubes prepped and soaked, we started a few strains.

First strain we started is the “bubba hash” feminized seeds we got from the Attitude Seed Bank. These I have super high hopes for. We will be flowering two of them and the third one will be kept as a mother plant to keep taking cutting from and keeping our rooms full at all times the best we can.

Next strain was one “critical XXL Auto” which also came from the Attitude Seed Bank.

And the third strain we are popping are the “creature bear og F2” from 1212homegrown (Instagram) which we just did a test run of the “creature bear og” on the last run and they came out great so I am expecting some great results from these and these are autos.

And we are running a heat Matt underneath them which is set to low. This method has been the best method for us. Reducing shock and easier to handle when transplanting. give them all a week to show themselves and I do expect 100% germination as long as none are duds.... watch 😆

Cabin Grow

cabin is coming along well. No issues this morning with the electrical so I do believe we have remedied our electrical issue for now. Most of these are cuttings from the marshmallow Gobbstopper that is about to be chopped down in a few days. We are feeding these Advanced Nutrients at 15ml of grow and 15 ml of micro with 10ml of bloom and that’s it. And this morning they are showing they lived the feeding 😂 just amazing what a plant can do over nig Jr specially when you have things dialed in properly.

And you may message us for any inquiries on these products and accessories 🎉 💯 💚

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