New rosin press, plants went outside too early, we’ve got a plan

Did we bring them plants outside too early? Yeah we did. But we have a plan. And we will bringing these into the garage for protection for at least tonight. But it went quite smooth yesterday transplanting.....

We loaded the car up with what we had knowing we would need more supplies. We did 11 in 10 gallon fabrics and did the last five in 15 gallon fabrics. Using Fox Farm 190? Gallons of medium I think we used with some still left over....

We will be bringing these into the garage and setting up a temporary indoor set up. Or we will be keeping them in the trailer and just hang a light in there.

and all 16 Fit well in two small totes.


—- second press...

we got our new rosin press in from Juice Box. We did two small test presses and the second one came out better then the first. The kit came with everything you need to press right out of the box even with a little of some CBD flower to try. We still haven’t tried pressing that yet...

We got a dab mat, dab tool, 90 juice ticket, slick, and a puck presser to make nice little compact pucks to make pressing easier and more efficient. We will be doing some more playing around with this soon.


new cartridges came out fire. We triple filtered before making the carts witch had made a huge difference In taste and pull. But now we have it down smoothly we can now upscale this part of production. We should have a pretty good size cart order soon witch will put us to the test. artisan bottle of patron

last year we sold a pack of deep cheese seeds to a new grower and friend. Yesterday he came by with a bottle of patron silver infused with some de carbed deep cheese flower with some deep cheese flower to smoke. Also got a

monster cropped clone witch should do well in the veg room.

Pure Smoke Boutique seedlings

we now have the five exotics from Pure Smoke Boutiques in the veg room now under the 400 watt metal halide. we dropped the light so it’s about 12-13 inches from the tops. Today or tomorrow we will be doing a feeding. We also now have a monster cropped clone under the LED. So this room I think is at its most comfortable like this. Will start taking clones from the monster cropped one. All in one gallon pots in fox farm ocean forest. And as usual all grow get advanced nutrients and ONIT sciences organic grow mix.

Flower room

pots are still wet this morning. Last was just a watering with plain ph water. so we will mix up some feed for them tomorrow. Everything looks good and there won’t be much to do in here for a little bit but just to watch them grow.

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