New products, grow room update, outdoor update? And the next move....

We got gummies now!!! Being made by Bomb Factory these gummies are 10mg a piece.. and soon made with our wax..

And this is just a test. But if these take off I have many more ideas just for the gummy idea. Maybe a “wax room” gummie??? I’m gonna look for a custom mold maker or something and see if we can come up with some designs but this is awesome. All mass compliant and potent AF... woohoo.


yesterday we picked up a small load of material. This material blasted out beautifully with Meta Vega‘s pure322 organic solvent. This blast was a 56 gram flower run of “7 up” using the 12 inch extraction tube. Screen is 150 microns. Yielding just over 10 grams of wax. Pure322 is formulated to extract 100% of the cannabinoids and has increased our yields by almost nearly 50%. I recommend this product highly and with discount code “waxroom10” you can also give this product a try. And if you need any help along the process we are always here.

Warm water bath is really all you need to do when using pure322 organic solvent. Boiling off at a much lower temperature then butane or propane this leaves a clean smooth product. You can vac it if you would like, but that’s usually just used to make a more stable product instead of a “sauce” finish.

Flower room

we are on week 5 of flower, about 4-5 weeks to go. Dairy shake, on the left, is using the independent scrog/support system allowing us to create the canopy it has. Feeding with Advanced Nutrients and ONIT sciences organic grow additive while adding in bud candy and rhino skin additives for the last 6 weeks of flower. The two girls in the right are “TS Cubed” witch we had come through here on our last harvest, it was a hit so I’m pumped we have some more

coming through now. Running five lights in here, we shouldn’t have a problem flowering anything in this room now.

Veg room

Veg room is looking awesome. We have five strains in here from seed by Pure Smoke Boutiques and we have one monster cropped clone that we are not to sure about what strain it is. We have a 400 watt metal halide light powering this room. This room will just be getting plain ph water between 6.4-6.8 for today. We have them sitting in one gallon pots and we will be transplanting them into 3 gallon pots. Just gotta keep them happy.....

Auto flower seedlings

We got these transplanted into one gallon smartpots the other day. Just watering them with ph water between 6.4-6.8 we won’t feed them nutrients until we see it’s third stage of true leaves. our history with autos in general has not been very good but we have had some good ones come through our rooms just not consistently. These are ”creature bear og” crosses we are testing for @1212homegrow. as of right now they sit under the T5 with the T5 slammed as close as I can to the tops.

Cabin grow

We found two more males the last time we checked the new cabin grow. So we have found a total of four males so far and I do feel like there will be another one or two but these first four males showed sacs real early. Now I did go against a lot of people’s word and I put them out probably to early and they have started to go into flower and that’s why they showed so early. But if they survive we will be collecting there pollen and saving for later projects or if someone needs some good pollen for a breeding project. We did finally get our power supply line in....

We ordered a 200 foot, 10 gauge extension cord to run the lights that we installed the other day. We have two 315 watt CMH lights. Now one does have to veg bulb in it but the other has a flowering bulb in it, witch to me don’t matter much at the moment as long as our timer keeps a 18-6 light schedule things will be just fine. We will be running a smaller extension cord for the fans and exhaust lines. Today we should be receiving our environmental controllers for this room as well...

As we have a temp and humidity controllers coming in witch we will hook up to a A/C unit and the other to the exhaust fan and line So we can try and keep a consistent, proper environment. we also have a 66 gallon water catch....

and we will hook this up to a rain gutter off the big garage where water seems to fall all day lol. But we will keep this on a yard wagon or something to transport it back and forth from the gutter to the grow and we will be mixing 5 gallons at a time. Witch is a little scary thinking about it, def don’t wanna mix it wrong. But we have our 3 gallons of nutrients all ready to go...


grand daddy purp is our next blast.

besides gummies we may be doing chocolates as well.

been doing pre rolls like crazy putting orders together using raw cones.

a picture of our previous blast and a pic of one of the male plants and some more equipment that we are waiting on to come in to finish all the grows.