New lights today! Indoor grow getting there. Flower room looks fuego! And we need to start new beans

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New indoor grow

last few days we have been cleaning this cabin out, hanging reflective material and today we go get our new 325 watt CMH lights woohoo, at the cost of an 1/8th of wax and a few top shelf beans from Pure Smoke Boutique. I will install the lights today as soon as I get them and we will bring the plants from the green house in there for now, suppossed to snow Saturday. Next year I’ll know better. But this room will be fully automated as it should be, just not an automated watering system. those type of systems scare me. Bacteria.... whatever just scares me. So stay on @waxroom_productions on Instagram for real time updates.

We also got some water jugs filled to bring to this new grow room. keeping water on hand is a must and we do have a 66 gallon portable water catch coming that we will modify to catch and keep clean water for future use.

We also picked up three gallons of grow, micro and bloom from Advanced Nutrients that we picked up at Emerald city hydroponics one Westminster Massachusetts. awesome people and always there when I need them.

Flower room

day 26 of flower. We have roughly 5-8 weeks left before harvest. Once we hit the 8 week mark in 4-1/2 weeks we will start looking at the trichomes with our 1000x microscope and this time, this fucking time I think it’s ready I’m going to wait another 5-7 days. we do flush properly now lol, until you flush properly yourself you will never know the difference of the end flower. Everything in here is from Sanctuary Seeds and I recommend them 10000000000% we have had nothing but great things on every single bean they shot over to us. I think I will be making a good size bean order myself here soon. Super genetics. Lol

Veg Room

Pure Smoke Boutique and there genetics.... Fire. Nothing but 100% germination and healthy plants. Another amazing seed bank that has there game in check, so far. if I did fuck this out door grow up these will be brought to the outdoor spot once the weather is right. we Got five different exotic names strains in here with one monster cropped clone. Tomorrow we feed them.


Creature bear og crosses with haze xl and Care Bears. Looks like there’s another one about to pop up but so far we got six out of the 12 on the move. Keeping the humidity up and the T5 as close as possible to the tops. These will be transplanted into one gallon smartpots soon.

Outdoor grow

I may have fucked this grow up. Once the lights are installed in the new cabin grow we will bring these in there. They say it’s going to snow Saturday... I should have listened and waited to bring these out. But it’s definitely cool with me, only way I learn is by fucking things up, honestly. So if this happens again I will retire lol.

Extractions and material

first and foremost, my passion is in extractions. This is what I love to do specially when people think it’s poison and whatever bull shit they say... makes me work even harder on sticking it to em. And that only raises my bar to be better.

we picked up some “Chem Fire” flower yesterday and I just packed the 18 inch tube and got it on the freezer. We will be running three cans for this tube but if it starts coming our clear we’ll stop and save whatever solvent is left in that can. The new closed loop system will be fully put together by the end of the weekend and we will be preparing to start using it

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