New lights installed, grow rooms are getting a nose and I’m late to transplanting

Cabin Grow

We got our new 315 watt CMH lights by Vivosun from a buddy who lightly used them. One does have a veg bulb and the other has a flower bulb. Both are being used for veg at the moment. ...

When we initially installed these we hung them with fucking rope. Yesterday we put to light hangers on each of them. And now we are able to tilt the lights if we need to....

We used hangers from Metavega witch we now have 100 sets of. This room will be getting some makeovers here soon like an exhaust system and a few fans but we need to run another 10 gauge extension cord for this to work without any issues. Working on figuring how I can just run legit power to this cabin.....

Or get like one of those “generac” generators...?

Flower room

coming to the end of week four of flower the aromas are starting kick in. We have “dairy shake“ on the left and the two “TS Cubed” are on the right. This is our last round from Sanctuary Seeds to come through flower. the heavy defoliating we did during week two and week three of flower is showing good results now with more bud sites able to get the light they needed to produce. And we got rid of most everything underneath that was just gonna pull valuable energy and not produce anything worth it.

Veg Room

We just did another topping to all the new exotics from Pure Smoke Boutiques round of girls. We are super excited for these and I believe I’m gonna run the veg time for as long as possible like last time. Working on the canopy and training properly is going to increase your yield and then with the proper attention you could put out some killer flower In Small spaces easily....

We do have one monster cropped clone in here that we will be transplanting at the same time we do them autoflowers. Running a 400 watt Metal halide and if I had two of these this room could blow up. But super happy with the these girls In Here


Autoflowers are looking good and I need to get them transplanted like now lol. These were gonna go to the cabin grow but these will stay in here I think and go through our grow rooms here.

Putting orders together on a daily. This one here was 15 pre rolls of Chem Fire with 3.5 grams of platinum Kush remix wax. Paired very well together.

we also have equipment coming in....

-66 gallon water catch

- a couple in line fans

- environmental controllers for temp and humidity

- and we already got the gallon of Advanced Nutrients

Latest Blast

we did a 65 gram flower blast of “chem Fire” with two cans of pure322 organic solvent by Meta Vega. We will be busting this batch out next. We got a few grams to go of the platinum Kush remix and paradise circus to go.

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