New grow light and grow rooms about to rotate


yesterday we received our new grow light from @growlightofficial (on Instagram) and we removed one of the weaker LED’s from the flower room and replaced it with this new 200 watt light. We are moving the other light we removed into the veg room To better the vegging stage/room. The construction of this light is amazing. Heavy duty and made solid. I can say this is the brightest light we got right now and excited to see the results we can pull from it


Day 52 of flower for “slice the pie” and day 2 of flushing. The other three are on day 38 of flower. Today we will be in the flower room for a little bit checking things over and getting some more trichome pics. I think we times this harvest coming up a bit better then any others. Yesterday they got fed there Advanced Nutrient and ONIT Science mix. We will run another gallon of plain ph water through the one we are flushing. All strains from Sanctuary Seed. and can’t wait to get the next round in here to flower.


this room today is going to look a little different after today. We got a LED light coming in here adding to the 400 watt metal halide. Adding this led will help with our vegging foot print allowing us to do a bit more things in this room without being crowded as badly. We have Vulx volcanic mineral amendment working for us in the monster cropped clones. Retaining water for a longer period of time while making your nutrients more readily available for your roots to uptake. Feeding them yesterday, today won’t be doing much except the grow light and rearranging it around a bit. We got the funding for the outdoor grow so the future for these little ones look solid now. Getting ten 10 gallon smart pots and the fox farm to fill them. Will also be working on the canopys on the girls in the 3 gallon pots. These three will be the biggest yet with there canopys being almost double the size then any other grow we have had cone through here

And we got Simple Yield Solutions support/scrog set up on the dairy shake


it looks like theres a little movement. Starting these seeds from Pure Smoke Boutique the other day I expect within the next 3 days to see them all showing as long as none of them are duds. Crazy names strains we are the first in the world with these ones. Being regular photoperiods hopefully we don’t have any males. That be crazy all being females.... let’s hope it’s crazy then. Are two “TS Cubed” clones seem to be doing well. We sprayed down everything with plain water trying to keep the humidity up.

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