new G8led C3 is here!! New seedlings look killer and the fem MG coming down soon

The G8LED C3

the new G8Led C3 are in last night. Super easy to setup, slide on the panels and secure electrical connection point’s the and hang it.

There ate 6 panels that slide on to there connections and the connections are simple four pronged with a screw on collar making it water proof and secure

This light fills up our 5x5 foot flower room perfectly. This fixture does have a dimming knob and a bloom boost button which is on now. Today is the first day going through a full day. Right now we have three feminized bubba hash from The Attitude Seed Bank.

this light replaced these 👇

Above is the lighting chart with and without bloom booster and 6 and 12 inch placements above the canopy.

this new light could be a game changer for us and this light will allow us to link up to 50 of these lights and be able to be ran off one master controller. This light is pretty sweet and you can find yours or check o any of there other models at 🎉


The other day we started 6 beans of the rainbow Gobbstopper and 6 of the banana French cookie.

Now that they are showing and look super 💪 we are now preparing to pot them this morning into one gallon fabric pots using Fox Farm Ocean Forest medium. We did snag one of the beans from the marshmallow Gobbstopper we feminized and that one you can see in the middle between the other two strains

Feminizing & isolation

With the new G8LED taking the place of the other lights we have been able to do some moving around. We moved the 600 watt light out of this tent and we got the 800 watt in here. We will be resetting this tent and hopefully we will be able to bring in one of the rainbow Gobbstopper or the banana French cookie into here and treat it the same way we did this marshmallow Gobbstopper.

Apparel & accessories

Head over to our shop at where you can find all of our wax room gear from shirts to pen batteries 🔋

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