Moving rooms around, cabin grow, everything is in veg in the indoor grow

Cabin grow

cabin grow looking happy. This weekend we didn’t have any issues with the electrical lol 😆 so I think we found our limit on what we can pull from this power source. Temps staying under 77 degrees. We will be installing a “fresh air” intake soon. Everything is checking out to be females which is expected at this point 🤦‍♂️😆 we have 8 monster cropped clones and 3 from seed which are the mendo cookies and the Durban poison which is feminized and a sour sorbet. the monster cropped clones I believe are juicy fruit. But we are getting to the end of week one of 🌹.

All are in either 10 or 15 gallon fabric pot in fox farm soil.

flower room

So the flower room has been changed up. Earlier, last week, we moved the autoflowers into the flower room to finish but then we decided to move the two girls in from the veg room in here. So we switched the timer to 16/8 and when these two are ready to flower we will go back to 12/12. And I do believe we will be going into flower the end of this week.

And below, we found another male in the “creature bear og” auto crosses...


And the vegroom got cleared out for these, hopefully all girls. there are 12 girls in here and 12 of them are for the next round in the cabin. And one is a “super grape haze” 🍇 that hopefully is a girl and if so making her a

mother plant is the plan. We picked up a cheap LED light to hang in this room for a mother plant. The 11 will be transplanted when we bring them into the cabin to finish vegging then flip to flower shortly after that. We have this room also on a 16/8 light cycle. and I do believe today will be there first shot of nutrients. All sit in one gallon fabric or plastic pots.

Above to the right is a picture of the “super grape haze” seedling

Trim and cure

over the weekend we got to finish up trimming our TS Cubed that we got and grew from seed by Sanctuary seeds.

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