More extracting, more winterizing in detail and grow update

Extraction and winterizing

today we did another extraction of the sour sorbet for our cartridges. Once we blast into the Pyrex dish and run the warm water bath we as usual flood it with 190 proof grain alcohol and dissolve the extraction and pour it into a container we can seal, mason jar usually.

We then bring the solution to freezing temperatures. this is the point where the fats and lipids become a solid. You can see the cloudiness....

At this point we get the Buckner funnel set up....

Placing a coffee filter within the funnel is our first layer for catching all the solids. If done properly the first time, you only need to do one filtering. We hook the vac pump to it to keep a vacuum and pulling the solution through. Again this step is crucial in making a good quality cartridge in the end.....

As you can see the solution is now much clearer and we are pretty confident at this point that we have done everything we can to clean this extract up of the fats and lipids. Next step is to purge the alcohol off enough to where we can finish it off in the vac chamber, we start by dumping the solution onto a food safe silicone “dish” and place it on a heating pad which is set to ”high”....

We will be getting a new piece of equipment specifically for this step. Now depending on the amount we are working on this step can take anywhere from 12-36 hours from our experiences so far, which can be sped up with that piece of equipment I’m drooling over 😆. Once this become thick and we visually don’t see anymore alcohol we will place this silicone dish into the vac chamber to finish purging..

and that’s where we are with it for the moment. By the time you read this blog we will be wrong this extraction and weighing it out to figure our ratio and math out for the flavoring. which we use products made my Wax Liquidizer.

Durban poison extraction

today we also started on the extraction of the Durban poison that also came from our “cabin grow” we harvested a few weeks ago. We used the 18 inch extraction tube and packed it with 45 grams of flower and we placed the packed tube into the mini freezer....

We used two cans of pure322 organic solvent by Meta Vega, we use this solvent for all of our extractions now. We yielded just over 9 grams. This will be used for dabbing. We will be blasting another tube of this DP for some carts before the start of this coming week.

Flower Room

we start the flush period for the marshmallow Gobbstopper and juicy fruit clone tomorrow 🎉 we took some shots of the trichomes finally today and things look good to me....

We will be doing a 14 day flush. Using plain water ph to 6.1-6.4 when usually we are ph between 6.4-6.8 when feeding and watering normally.

We should see about 10% amber once the end of flushing. once we are done with our 14 days of flushing we will allow the medium to completely dry out and once completely dried we will give it about 5 days. This will help increase terp production and give a better quality end product. Cabin Grow

Cabin grow this round is already off to a way better start then the previous one. With our marshmallow Gobbstopper clones in there five gallon pots and using a different soil from Fox Farm, usually use Ocean Forest, things are looking happy. We installed a timer onto the power for the Ink Bird controller and A/C which will keep it from coming on before the lights are fully on keeping the power from being cut to the cabin. A final remedy will be implemented as soon as the funds are there for it. We did some light training today but in a week or so we should be able to train quite heavy and we can start working on our canopys 🎉


We have four of the mandarin hammers in there one gallon fabric pots with one bag seed plant on the 3 gallon fabric. We need to sex these and get a few more transplanted into 3 gallon pots, fabric preferably, and we have about 19 days before we need to bring at least four into the flower room. ...

We have the rest of the mandarin hammers on our T5 seedling and clone table which these will be brought into the vegroom within the next few days to make room for our new and improved plan to keep a perpetual and consistent grows going. We have all feminised beans to choose from but I believe we will be popping the Sox “bubba hash” beans which we will be planning on keeping in our grows for the next 2 years or so. Extractors dream strain I’m being told 😆

Wax Room Products

Above: we have our new apparel coming soon with our new logo and a fresh look 🎉

And below we have the new and improved cartridges with our new batterys. As well as 3 different extracts on deck for the moment

  • Durban poison

Sour sorbet

Juicy fruit

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