MG extractions and will be starting some fem seeds of this strain ASAP


💥 and the marshmallow Gobbstopper keeps on amazing me. Pulling roughly 22% return on this flower, 🥳 and the finish that it gives to itself is awesome. extracted with pure322 organic solvent, to the warm water bath and straight into a sealed container for a 24 hour cure. 🎉 and let me remind people that hours after extraction using this awesome solvent we/you will always have a clean quality product for consumption.

There’s our strating material with the marshmallow Gobbstopper flower we grew from seed and gaining these genetics from Pure Smoke Boutique.

Cabin Grow

cabin grow again with another flawless day clicking on. 🥳 so as things progress here with these marshmallow Gobbstopper clones I think we may grab one and a small grow tent and get on making some feminized beans. this strain has been one of the best strains we have had come through wax room, of course our skills have progressed as well with our growing but this marshmallow Gobbstopper is 😮 😂 and with it yielding amazingly in the grow room and then yielding even better through the extraction process this maybe a wax room keeper. these got fed yesterday Advanced Nutrients grow, micro and bloom at 15/15/10 ml per gallon of water 🎉

Flower Room

flower room is coming along. Just did a watering and a slight defoliating of them. Four of these are the mandarin hammers in there one gallon fabrics and the other one is just a random bag seed pop in the 3 gallon fabric. We are on week two of flower and things are stretching awesomely 🎉

vegroom and the bubba hash

We originally started these fem beans from the attitude seed bank link here:

in rock wool cubes and then once they showed themselves we got them into the 3 gallon fabric pots and did it so we could allow stretching as they develope there rooting and then we filled in with more “Happy frog” by Fox Farm which I believe is called “main lining” and link to Fox Farm:

and the new apparel should be in this week. There has been some difficulty in the production of them and now issues with shipping do to covid.... even we dont really know yet what’s coming for apparel but I do know my original thoughts and plan has been elaborated on by Know.Live.grow and if your not following them on Instagram I suggest flying on over there and getting to there page- link below

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