Marshmallow Gobbstopper drying, femnizing and new apparel and accessories are on there way 🎉 💯

Flower Room

This clip of the flower room was taken just before i decided to move another feminized bubba hash. so we have two in this room of the bubba hash and we have a couple weeks left to go on the last two mandarin hammers. We still need to get another light to replace the half working one In The back.

Above, the fem bubba hash

Above, mandarin hammer. And we did do some defoliating

And we did some defoliating of both the mandarin hammers and fem bubba hash

Veg Room (flower room 2)

We put this room into flower a few days ago. This was done to start the flowering stage for the two bubba hash as well as sexing the four Strawnanna tangilope in the one gallon fabric pots. nice we sex them we will revert the timing of this room back to veg, 18 on 6 off. Femnizing the “MG”

And I cant wait for these beans to mature up. We will be stashing a few of these beans away and have some crazy ideas for future breeding and feminizing projects. We have 15 more unreleased crosses we will be growing out and femnizing 🥳

Dry and curing

We pulled the rest of the hang drying marshmallow Gobbstopper and along with them we also had that one “mendo cookie” that hermed on us and we harvested it and re vegged it and actually got some decent flower off of it.

We trimmed off the fan leaves and anything with a stem or that wasn’t showing trichome and we stuffed all five racks with it.

And this marshmallow Gobbstopper is just insane. And I have a few ideas on how to make it better.

apparel & accessorie & news

New black Wax Room Productions pen battery’s are finally on there way and we’re shipped this morning 🎉 you can get your wax room battery at where you will also find our wax room apparel

We have new hoodies, shirts and hats coming in soon 🎉

we are now using all natural 2 way humidity packs. unlike Boveda these are made without salts. Also customizable at whatever % humidity you want for your material.

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