Making carts and the process

Wax Room Productions does not support violence or destruction. Let’s protect our communities from these arrogant ass holes. There is an agenda being pushed and the media and ELItES are making it about race. Please don’t listen to it and let’s grow some weed and make some hash and wax and let’s grow out of this together.


these are five days late to arrive. These are fully ceramic cartridges that we get from MetaVega and now they are with there

logo on the mouth piece. A little different then the last batch but basically the same. Inlet holes are a bit different and these tips are screw on not

a press fit....

We have had this out and ready to go for days. Left(top) is grape and to the right or down in the strawberry set up. Taking our concentrate that we extracted from flower, we drop into a shot glass. we use Wax Liquidizer to make our carts after winterizing. Suggested one gram of concentrate to 2 ML of flavor solution. Using a

microwave, we heat up the shot glass for about 5-8 seconds and then we mix the fuck out of it. If you don’t winterize before this part you will have carts that will taste burnt or the consumer will not be able to finish the product do to it clogging.

(Above) we got the 🍓 cough Ones done first. I made the proper amount to fill 25 carts but we only could fill 24.... 😐 we’ll figure that out.

We then finished with the grape (to your left) and strawberry to your right. We are on round two now of making another 100 carts which again we will try to capture as much as we can for informational purposes and get a good post down on this process and tech.


Here we got the trim from the TS Cubed that we harvested the other day. We packed the 18 inch tube up with all of the trimmings. Used one can of pure322 organic solvent by MetaVega. Didn’t weigh anything before or after this extraction and it came out 🔥 🎉 we will be picking more

material up today When we go drop these cartridges off. This little blast is for the head of course... if I can help it I will always serve flower ram oil over trim run all day every day. I don’t smoke much so trim run is awesome for me and the nose on it is surprisingly super strong

if you are interested in any of our products or growing and extracting services please feel free to contact us. YouTube, Twitter Instagram icons are on the top of the website of your on the actual website, not the app, there is 100 ways to get ahold of us. 🎉 is my personal email

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