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Finally back to normal, was out cold for most the day yesterday. doing our normal watering/feeding in the grow room this morning. We are gonna do some cleaning up of the whole operation today. Our veg room looks great and can’t wait to get some of these into the flower room. We have 27 days roughly left before we harvest our strawberry haze clones. ONIT sciences organic grow additive is an awesome piece to anyone’s grow and results are noticeably great. We are making the switch from synthetic nutrients to Foop fertilizers organic nutrients. But at the rate we are going we are going to need gallons of this stuff to keep it going. And the switch has been easy. As soon as the flower room is harvested we should be fully organic from seed to extract now. Have some business plans in the making and revising our mission statement. we will be picking up some material this coming week for more blasting and I am going to try hard to make a few real informational videos on it. We want you to become your own “dab master”. If your interested in any of our services or just need some guidance in your operation we are here to help. And in no way do we know everything we are learning everyday and that is key to becoming your own dab/grow master. you may contact us through our website or give us a call at 774-764-8406 we are usually always here if you need us


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