Latest extractions, grows and new WRP products 🎉


our most recent extraction we just got done with is the “gorilla glue” flower run. Yesterday we picked up a good batch of material and came out with 3 full 18 inch tubes worth of blasting. Using two cans of Metavega pure322 organic solvent. Above shows the extraction just after the warm water bath where the majority of the solvent boils off. With pure322 solvent, it boils off at a much lower temperature then butane or propane. Lab tests prove how clean it is just after the warm water bath...below are the last lab test we had done

After we collect it and get it into a container or slick we usually let it “cure”....

This creates a “crumble” finish or a sugary sauce finish. Butane and propane extraction will not allow you to do something like this this quick with a clean finished product.

The Grows

Above we have a marshmallow gobbstopper is on week three of flower. This strain is from Pure Smoke Boutique and it’s sitting under the 1000 watt full spectrum LED. we did a good defoliating of the underneath and will be doing another striping of bud sites that are not going to produce what we want.

(above) this is a monster cropped juicy fruit. This one sits right next to the marshmallow gobbstopper and this ones is under two LED which one is a 600 watt and the other is a 1000 watt (supposably). this to got the same treatment as the other one and still needs further attention so we can get these tips fat and happy.

(Above) are some of the creature bear og auto flowers. We have four of them and all four sit in one gallon smart pots. these girls will be getting the 1000x microscope tomorrow or Friday and we will figure out when we will be harvesting these. Once harvested we will dry them, weigh them then blast at least one 6 inch tube of the flower and see what it yields. If the yield is good we may start another room just for autos. When the genetics are stable, having a perpetual grow of autos can fill In the gaps of need be.

Cabin grow

Cabin grow is down to nine now. We had two that “hermed” so we chopped them and kept them frozen...

And now have this and the mendo cookies in the My Herbs Now dryer prepping them for extraction

Once these are ready we will be packing and blasting.

Outdoor grow

We got 6 from the veg room planted into the ground. We did this really just to make room for some amazing strains we are about to pop but also didn’t want to miss an outdoor grow. This will be year three now for me and next years out door grow is gonna be awesome. I believe I sexed these correctly but we will keep our eye on them.

clones and vegroom

we took 8 out of here to plant into the ground and we got 6 that were thought to be females and this was done to make this room for the clones. We had 10 cuttings and 7 of them were worthy enough to plant. We planted them all into one gallon pots and got them into the veg room under the 400 watt metal halide. And most of the rooting looked healthy, specially being my first real go at cloning...

Half were cuttings of the monster cropped juicy fruit and the other half are cuttings from the “marshmallow gobbstopper” using a 12 site clover and Clonex cloning solution it took 14 days for these roots. using fox farm ocean forest medium and watering in with plain PH water at 6.4-6.8 we will give them there first feeding as soon as these pots fry out enough.

New wax room production branded products

The new designed shirts will be coming in soon 🎉 and for now there is a limited supply of these coming in but soon enough we should have the funds to get all sizes in quantity. and with two designs now our clothing line is slowly but surely coming along. Shorts will be 30$ for most sizes

Also on it’s way are “wax room productions” battery 🎉 we got a 100 count of battery’s for our first order. If these go well we will get more and in different colors and thinking of a “sleeve“ design for these for the future. These will be available for 20$ or free with the purchase of 5 or more carts...

And now we are finally filling our “WRP” carts 🎉 right now they are in mango 🥭 and we now ONLY use full ceramic carts, no more

metal, (one gram carts at 35$) and we did order some more flavoring...

We get all of our flavorings from Wax Liquidizer and this time we got blueberry coming in and only enough to make 90 carts. Remember to winterize your extracts before making carts otherwise your gonna have a burnt taste and you won’t be able to finish it

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