Labor day weekend! Extractions, grows and trichomes 🎉 💯 💚


we ended up getting some more Kush or Kush flower for extraction and dabs. Last batch went to cartridges. This strain comes out a bit dark

And as well this strain was grown organically with no pesticides and with this information and it not showing to “sugar” or “crumble” up tells me this is once again another strain that stays as a “sauce”. and this strain worked wel with making our cartridges...

And we made these last batch of carts with the “Kashmir Kush” and made them in grape 🍇 and I am super happy with them 🎉.

this weekend we did a couple of other extractions for some Freud’s. The first one we did was of “Girl Scout Cookies”. now this was a harvest from a new grower I am mentoring and from the physical eye inspection it could be seen that the trichome production was not what it should have been...

We started with 28 grams of flower and ended up with 1.2 grams of wax 🤣 but it’s all good. These are test Blasts and I’m more then happy to help a fellow grower in figuring out there grows. We packed all of this into the 6 inch extraction tube

and ran one can of pure322 organic solvent.

Came out with a great color but of course the final yield was not there. But what an awesome strain. I’m sure his next harvest is going to be 100x better 🎉

Flower Room

ehhh so our random bag seed girl was doing great. Smelling good, flowers looking good and then 💥

Nanners!!! But it’s all good. So we ended up harvesting her.

And didn’t look bad but it just wasn’t finished yet

As we trimmed off the water leaves, anything with a stem basically with little to no trichome value. then Did a quick wet trimming of the sugar leaves and we fit this whole plant on two tiers and n the My Herbs Now dryer.

And this dryer works awesome once you learn how to use it 🤣. And Now do have these flowers jarred but I do believe we will be going straight to the extraction tube here soon.

since we harvested and got a little room back in the flower room we moved the “creature bear og” F2 autoflowers back in

We brought both in and under the 1000 watt led. Keeping these in there one gallon Fabrics And slamming the light down right on top a little less then 12 inches away.

the two mandarin hammers that are getting close to harvest time are looking great.

And we finally busted the 1000x microscope out and got a few pics

And these are pics from the one mandarin hammer out of three that are in the flower room now. And the trichomes are showing it’s basically ready and so we started the 14 day flush, today the 8th. Flushing with plain ph water between 6.4-6.8. Love it...

Veg Room

Veg room is doing well. Just keeping the girls happy. The three feminized bubba hash and the two mandarin hammers that we are training extensively for the epic canopy before we go into flower. And we also do have the “Strawnanna tangilope“ seedlings off to the side in here, T5 light pull string broke!! 🤣 🤦‍♂️ fml.

Strawnanna tangilope above are going to be the next big hit, I promise

Cabin Grow

cabin...... awesome. Only had an electrical problem this weekend cuz I fucked with it 🤣 other then that the cabin is transitioning into week 4 soon. Next couple days. We have “marshmallow Gobbstopper“ clones and one random bag seed girl in here which now scares me a bit, no herming please 🤣. This will be the last round in this room before the cold months start and if we are going to run this room through the winter we need to start on getting our heating and cooling proper. obviously when the lights go out the heat will stop so we got to get a heater for the “heating” outlet on the inkbird temperature controller.


Still not seeing much on our feminizing project of the “marshmallow Gobbstopper“ but we do have about 5 days before we call it and move on to the next. If that does happen we are tweaking every aspect of our feminizing process that I believe to be part reason why we are not getting what was anticipated. I love the process bitches 🥳 🤣 jk kinda 😆

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