Lab test results are in, closed loop system came in and the grows are doing wonderfully

The other day we sent Pro Verde labs a .4 sample of our wax that we extracted from our latest harvest. TS Cubed was the flower and the solvent we used to extract was pure322 by Metavega.... here are the results

And it’s clean....

The ethanol level was my dumbass cleaning the slick that we put the sample in... that was my fault.

Closed loop system

this also came in yesterday. We will be doing some experiments with pure322. the solvent we use does not act like normal solvents like butane and propane. Using this system as If we were doing bho will not help us at all. The basic same procedure is used but there are some things that will be a “Nono” or we will be having messes to clean up, and just won’t be good. But we dry fitted everything and we will be going to get some thread locker for these fittings.


yesterday we picked up some more material. We packed the 18 inch tube up with 56 grams of “platinum Kush remix”. We then froze the tube, the best we can right now, and ran two cans of pure322 organic solvent By Metaveg.....

For the last two years, until the last few

months being spotty, we have been blessed to be able to run basically the same strain and we were able to learn a lot with the material being consistent, we could make adjustments without many more factors entering the equation. This blast still sits on the Pyrex dish. we will weigh her up later today and do some jarring.

here’s some “paradise circus”.....

New equipment

we got these lightly used lights coming to us Wednesday morning. We got two CMH 325 watt lights coming. this should be able to cover the new indoor grow spot half way at least. And this will allow us to start getting this room going.

And this 66 gallon portable water catch is also coming ASAP. This will be set up at the outdoor grow to try and keep water on hand for the grow. We’ll set it up under a gutter, probably put a gutter on the Cabin itself, should work ok I think.

Flower room

on week 3 of flower. Two TS Cubed and one dairy shake. 5-6 more weeks and these should be close to being ready to harvest. Today we just watered with PH plain water to 6.4-6.8 for all of our soil grows. Genetics from Sanctuary Seeds. Feeding Advanced Nutrients and ONIT sciences nutrients and organic grow additive. Like watching paint dry, but you do t see any drips? Lol what? Idk looks good tho.

Veg room

Pure Smoke Boutiques seedlings are now getting exciting. All have been topped and we will check shortly to see if they need to be watered. I need to learn these names on these ones lol


1212homegrown from Instagram sent us a few packs of autoflowers. And we got a few

coning up!! Right now we are germinating “creature bear og x haze xl” and “Care Bears x with creature bear og“ and as soon as I get those new lights up we will bringing these in there to adjust and build the rest of the new indoor grow.

odd pics of yesterday

We do have a challenge posted to the website, extraction challenge. we Do have a winterizing project happening right now and should be ready for the vac chamber today soon..

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