Kinda got a bunch done yesterday

We started our kritikal-k and purple kush from kannabia seeds.!using rock wool cubes and a rooting hormone placed inside a dome on top of a heating pad set to medium with a piece of cardboard between then to keep them from getting too hot. Once they sprout we will get them into one gallon smartpots. Our winterizing experiment went well and the carts we made from it has been a dramatic improvemen. one out of the four we brought from the vegroom came out to be all males except one. Slice the pie from sanctuary seeds is flowering and she is getting her feed from foop fertilizers organic nutrients for the bloom stage. We have roughly 8 more days of flushing for the strawberry haze clones and harvest day these will be brought over to bomb factory to use there freeze dryer from Harvest Right which will allow our flowers to be ready for consumption in less then 30 hours from time of harvest.

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