Just a grow room update and talking about training and using your space efficiently and effectively

between working on the house and band practice I didn’t get much done with anything with wax room yesterday..... that’s ok, right? Lol I don’t want this to ever end...

Flower Room

On week five of flower and these girls are getting a nose on them. feeding them yesterday morning, we use Advanced Nutrients PH perfect technology, you don’t need a ph pen. But I strongly suggest getting a good one. https://www.bluelab.com/home click there to find a good ph pen and other products that will help you keep your levels in check and monitor your grows as well. Blue labs are great people and we use there combo meter with a leap probe allowing us to jump from mixing nutrients to checking levels in the medium. Just make sure you keep it clean every time you use it or your gonna lose it. The leap probe. And do temperature and EC or PPM as well helping make decisions a little easier. Some pics of the flower room

And I usually mention something about training in every post. you can always super crop and use Low stress training techniques to train your plants. Witch we do but using an independent scrog system helps a lot not just with training but supporting the plant as well once it starts putting on weight. And this can help tremendously, when the plant is supported properly it focuses its energy on flowering instead of trying to support its self...

simple yield solutions is no longer around, sad but if you are interested in one of these let

me know and I just may be able to help you out, I will help you out lol....

This canopy is bigger then it looks on these pictures. I may pull it out today and give a scaled picture so we can see how well this dairy shake is doing. This and the two TS cubed are from Sanctuary Seeds. Highly recommended. Top shelf flower when grown properly. Just awesome that we have things dialed in now, and I busted

my ass getting equipment and setting this indoor grow up with no money plus with the help of some awesome people off of Instagram, Instagram has been an amazing place to grow something but shot will change soon lol. If you need help with getting something together for your own indoor grow please feel free to contact me.

Veg Room

This room is getting more and more exciting as the days go. These things look super strong and Pure Smoke Boutiques have there genetics on point. Again 100%! germination And not an issue yet with them. We topped the other days and the canopys are starting to develop and things actually look even now. The side branches have stretched up to the tops and now we just stay on that training using “super cropping” and “lst” to now broaden these canopys and the goal is to get every site a cola site. the More you work on training and using your grow space

more Efficiently you’ll notice a great increase in your final yield on flower.

The names on these girls are crazy awesome I just wish I could remember them one is “marshmallow gobstopper” and another is “tangilope WiFi” and “straw nana something” lol super awesome names, soon enough though they will be at that point where we will have to know the names sometime by heart.

A quick pic of some of there tops....

And below is the pic of that new monster cropped clone we got from a friend and it’s doing very well in its new 3 gallon smart pot we got from Spring Pots.

This one will be staying in the 3 gallon smartpot for the remainder of its life

Autoflower Seedlings

I’m an ass hole and didn’t label these when i transplanted Them. But these are ”creature bear og” crosses breed by @1212homegrown on Instagram. We were sent a few crosses to test for him. We started these in the jiffy pods and we do this with all our seeds but auto flowers specifically to reduce the risk of shock when transplanting. Autos do not have the time to bounce back from problems and issues like regular beans do. Growth and flowering could be dramatically effected by something that simple. Here’s a gallery of each auto we gotta happening...

These sit under a T5 light with it slammed right on top of these. T5 actually work well if you have enough of them and can keep them within centimeters of your plants you can flower with them, not me though, just good for seedlings. I do believe these will be staying in these

One gallon smartpots

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