Jars, flowers and clones

got 5 1/8ths jarred up from the last blast. We packed 55 grams of flower into the 18 inch tube. Packing a mix of “no name” and “divine Kush breathe”. Using two cans of pure322 organic solvent We pulled over 17 grams of concentrate. No need for the vac chamber unless we need a quicker finish in less then four hours otherwise warm water bath is suffice.


day 45 of flower for “slice the pie“ from sanctuary seeds. And day 35 For the “TS cubed””stoner 63””stoner 63-2”. All got fed kind of heavy the other day. Using advanced nutrients and ONIT sciences organic grow additive this room takes two full gallon when watering/feeding now. We did some more light defoliating yesterday to get some more light to some bud sites that really needed it. Canopy is everything when growing indoors, specially if it’s a tight grow space. We take training our girls Linda seriously. when you have people depending on a medicine and it’s coming from YOU, you gotta do your best to get the most without loosing quality.


Between seedlings and clones our veg room looks fun. 8 clones from our buddy on Instagram @goodtimesgrow420 had monster cropped quite a few clones and we got to transplant 8 into one gallon smartpots using fox farm ocean forest soil. In these & clones we mixed 75 grams, per gallon of medium, of Vulx volcanic mineral amendment witch makes tour nutrients more readily available for your roots to uptake while retaining water for a longer period of time. We “sour sorbet” “mendo cookies” and the one feminized “Durban poison“ all from seed. The three girls in the 3 gallon pots are awaiting there entry to the flower room once those four are all harvested and the room is cleaned up and wiped down. Everything gets fed the same nutrient mix just at different levels depending on the stage it’s on.

Seedling and clone table

we had three “channel fever” but this morning one was dead. We have a T5 powering this table but I think the light needs to be dropped down a bit. We will try to keep these on this table for as long as possible. Once we get some room in the veg room we will move them in.

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