Jarring, flower room filled, winterizing and there’s freakin snow on the ground

Slice the pie

yesterday we weighed and jarred the “slice the pie”. Coming out to a total weight of 107 grams this one is our first “good” crop....

This was the last one to cone down witch I think it was the TS Cubed. So now we harvested everything from the flower room we moved in the last girl from veg to flower witch also was a TS Cubed. All from Sanctuary Seeds.

We have the dairy shake utilizing Simple Yield Solutions independent support system. Biggest canopy coming through the flower room, and we have her under the new full spectrum 1000 watt equivalent LED. And then the two TS Cubed. we will do some work in here a little later today. We got them all in 3 gallons of fox farm ocean forest and feeding with Advanced Nutrients and ONIT Sciences organic grow additive.

We moved all 16 Monster cropped clones and seedlings to the veg room under the 400 watt metal halide and LED. Planning 12 of them for the 10 gallon smartpots for the outdoor grow. I think I can get the other four into five gallon pots and get them outside as well when it comes time. We have the five exotics from Pure Smoke Boutiques that will be staying on the T5 table until the veg room is cleared out. Maybe we keep one or two Incase we have a space in between the exotics and the ones we just put into flower.


this morning it sits in the vac chamber. It should be done any time now. We started with 6 grams of wax and used 190 proof grain alcohol to wash all the fats and lipids out of it. Using a coffee filter, mason jars and a mini fridge we kept the entire filtering process in the mini fridge. One filtering is usually good enough. If not, and you choose to make carts with a sub par winterized oil tour gonna have a bad experience. This little batch will be used in making some pineapple and grape flavored carts today.

latest DHO blast

running the 18 inch extraction tube our latest blast is a flower and fire trim mix. We’ll be on to the next soon

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