Isolation tent, clones, autos and first week of flower in the cabin 💯 💚

isolation tent and feminizing

setting up the new isolation tent we found that we didn’t have all the parts We needed. Luckily I kept the frame from the green house that got blown down in the beginning of this year.

and they fit perfectly. I need to grab one more for the bottom... but we got it up and going

we brought the marshmallow Gobbstopper clones in and we chose the branch we are treating with the reversal spray

We will continuously spray thisnon the chosen branch for 14-21 days till we see fem pollen sacks. We will then dust the rest of her with these pollen sacks. this project is for Pure Smoke Boutiques, from New Jersey. and they sent us 15 more crosses that we will be feminizing for them

this will take sometime to get through these strains. But this is a great way for us to get into breeding, eventually. This is simple and easy enough to where we can create another avenue of money in 🎉 🤣 no money out And have our hand in creating genetics 🙌🏻

Flower room

we now have the the creature bear og F2 autoflowers sitting under the 800 watt LED as well as one more mandarin hammer that needs to show sex so we can either get rid of it if it’s a male or transplant her and revert her back to vegging. We do feed daily the other two mandarin hammers that are about half way through flowering. Next planned round of flowering girls are going to be a full room of the mandarin hammers 🎉

Veg Room

we got some room back in the veg room now that we got the marshmallow Gobbstopper into the isolation tent. We have one mandarin hammer in a 3 gallon fabric and as of right now we have two more that showed to be female so we will do the same to them and transplant them using fox farm “happy frog”. And then our main focus strain, the feminized bubba hash from The Attitude Seed Bank. Already sitting in there 3 gallon fabrics we have been root training these since we didn’t start with a one gallon pot.

Clones and cloner

Day 6 with these cuttings. We are on the second round of cloning solution. Every 3-5 days it needs to be replenished with a fresh mix. This one is at 30ml of cloning solution per gallon of water. Tomorrow we will change the fluids and we will up the concentration to 40ml per gallon. We are just starting to see roots. These clones will be getting ready for a few different destinations. Some are going out and the majority will be brought into the cabin grow.

Cabin Grow

We are at the beginning of week one of flower. We have now changed our feeding to 10ml grow and 15ml of micro and bloom from Advanced Nutrients. running two 315 watt CMH from Vivosun. Our lights are now on a 12/12 setting. And we are using 5 gallon fabrics this time instead of 10 and 15 gallon fabrics. Using “happy frog” by Fox Farm. We will be adding bud candy 🍬 also by Advanced Nutrients.

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