Indoor update, and 100 cart order coming up!! New equipment


Yesterday we picked up 2 zips of flower and one zip of trim and we did a 50/50 trim/flower run...

the trim was from 5 different strains I believe and it blasted out beautifully ...

we ran one can per six inch tube (2 cans total) into a 2 liter Pyrex dish. Running it in a warm water bath...

After purging the bulk of the pure322 organic solvent with the warm water batch we collected it and it was gone before I could do anything with it ....


we do have a 100 cart order to do starting Thursday I believe. We got new carts from Metavega and some new flavors from Wax Liquidizer...

new carts are fully ceramic and they look like they are going to perform well and if they do these will be the carts we stick with for now on.

This order was specified with “strawberry cough“ and grape. we picked up 2 60ml bottles. These seem a bit exspensive but one bottle will make 90 carts at its recommended levels of juice to extract. it will take about 33 grams of extract to make 100 carts...

Flower room

we are at the end of week six of flower. Dairy shake to the top left is going to need some support to hold some of its weight. Last week of feeding and then we start the flushing period. Between now and harvest we should see some noticeable weight pack on. We should of seen more weight packed on already but I believe the room gets a bit hot and with 5 lights in here it gets hot for sure

(Above) is one of two of the TS cubed. these and the dairy shake are from Sanctuary Seeds. These were trained using paper clips. clipping one to the rim of the pot and ”monkey chaining” them and then attaching it to one of the shoots to pull down, did it to all of them to create the canopys we have on them now.

Veg Room

Here is a monster cropped clone. We finished topping it the other day and now we just keep on the training and re adjusting stocks and shoots

to keep somewhat of an even canopy as much as possible. We will clean up the bottom third since that growth will never get the light it needs to catch up with the rest of the plant. We got her in 3 gallons of fox farm ocean forest medium in a 3 gallon smartpot. We found one male out of the 5 from Pure Smoke Boutique.

These will be brought into flower as soon as the flower room is harvested and cleared out.

And now we just keep an eye on them and make sure we don’t have any more males surprise us.


The new creature bear og autoflowers are coming out great. Keeping the T5 slammed right on top of them was definitely a good call. T5 are great but they do need to be super close to the tops. We have them in one gallon smartpots witch I think they just may stay in these one gallon smartpots for the remainder

of there lives.

We have fed these twice so far with Advanced Nutrients and ONIT Sciences organic grow additive.

New equipment