Harvests, live resin, feminizing and awesomeness 🤣 🎉 💯 💚

Outdoor harvest

So Friday honeycomb and I went to the small outdoor grow and got most of them chopped. We did leave the mendo cookie that was the reveg project Which came out great but it just needed some more time to finish up. We got all the random girls trimmed up and into the “My Herbs Now” dryer and we then hung the rest up in the drying cabinetry.

And we were able to get some awesome live resin using pure322 @ www.pure322.com

And it’s more of a challenge to figure out exact yield as the water weight effects my math 🤣 so I’m figuring out how to get this done properly while showing the math correctly. But this live resin came out so 🔥 🥳 and over the next 8 weeks we are about to bring a new step into the process. excited to see what happens 🎉 💯

Showing the last content we got from the outdoor grow before chopping.

And here’s some wax after a day of drying

Flower Room and harvest

So in the flower room we have been running them mandarin hammers which have been coming out awesome but this one hermed

So we had to chop her. We got her trimmed up and into the My Herbs Now dryer

And here’s the last piece we got with that mandarin hammer in the flower room. We do have two more mandarin hammers with a bit different characteristics then the first two we took down. Also we still got them two creature bear og F2 autos in the back. We will be bringing in one of the feminized bubba hash from the veg room into here soon I believe.

Veg Room

Veg room is coming together and we are starting to get our canopy shape. I believe we will move one of these into flower while we do one more topping on the other two and veg them out for a few more weeks before getting them into the flower room

These feminized bubba hash are sitting in 3 gallon fabric pots. We are using fox farm either ocean forest or happy frog I don’t remember which one we used for these.

And next to the bubba hash are the Strawnanna tangilope from “Pure Smoke Boutique” and these sit in one gallon fabric pots. We will sex these before we transplant into 3 gallon fabrics. We do have somewhat of a cool anomaly

Almost like she is topping her self. Not pulling it I like growing anomalies when they are like this 😊

And we feed everything that comes into the veg room all the same thing. Using Advanced Nutrients ph perfect technology line up. Mixing 15ml of grow, 15 ml micro and 10ml bloom per gallon of water. and I water/feed slowly and make sure the whole medium gets wet but I do not water enough for run off, usually a little will come out the bottom but with a plain water flushing in between feedings helps keep the soil free of build up and allows the girls to use everything making the flushing period easier for us. We are running a 400 watt HPS light.


So things are getting scary for me 🤣 we got some killer female pollen sacks maturing. I want to complete this reversal and pollination correctly. So I may chop this branch when it becomes time and harvest the pollen and then bring it back into the isolation tent with the pollen in a container and a brush, just going by what I have seen others do in the past, and properly get this marshmallow Gobbstopper pollinated. Super pumped about adding this process to our growing. We can almost keep everything in house now 🎉 but this reversal is for Pure Smoke Boutique and I suggest checking them out for some top shelf strains and genetics. We have had amazing flower come feom there crosses. We are using “the doctors” reversal spray. 🥳

cabin grow

💥 🥳 even with one herming things are coming out awesome. And I do believe we will be chopping this room down soon. 5 of these are the marshmallow Gobbstopper clones. 🤣 the ones that were actually successful. Just super happy with this room. We will start this flush soon. And we are starting to get color in a few. At night it’s getting down to the 40’s and lower sometimes so we are benefitting from the cold snaps.


You can find all of our merch/apparel and accessories at waxroomproductions.com/shop and your purchase and or donations go straight back into Wax Room so I appreciate everyone who has been with us, wasn’t for you I’d probably still be fucking roofing.

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