Harvest, half pound extraction and indoor/outdoor grow update

Yesterday morning we were able to take two girls down and one was slice the pie......

We left it on the main stalk and took off branches to hang in the new drying cab. We also got one of stoner 63 down also....

And after we took these down we moved in two from the veg room into flower...

We got the dairy shake with Simple Yield Solutions independent scrog/support system under the new 1000 watt LED equivalent and the TS cubed under the 600 watt LED...

And in the veg room now we just have a Stoner 63 and three monster cropped clones witch will be moved once the last two from the last flowering round come down.

half pound extraction

yesterday we were Pretty dam close to not having any product. We managed to find a half pound of some fire trim..... fire. And we packed up three 18 inch tubes and one 12 inch tube and got it all blasted

we ran two cans of pure322 per tube. Being trim there is less for the solvent to pick up otherwise we normally run 3 cans when doing flower, per tube. And Into the warm water bath. Then....

We tossed some of it into the vac chamber and made a semi crumble. The vac chamber is not needed anymore when using pure322 organic solvent but we use it half the time for different finishes. We will be weighing up what we blasted yesterday. Guessing 20 grams as suspected and figured yield...

And if we kept it in the chamber a bit longer it would have stabilized..... next one

Outdoor grow setup

We also got 12 ten gallon smartpots with a he Fox Farm to fill them and most of the girls on the T5 table will be gone through and the 12 best ones will be going to the outdoor grow

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