harvest, Extractions, carts and moving the grows around


Last night we got to blast about 30 grams of “platinum Kush remix“ using one can of pure322 organic solvent by Metavega.

Packing the tube for that blast, any blast, is an art form. Packing the tube with no air pockets and also making sure the material is not over packed. over packing can effect your yield. After blasting we then make the decision to either scrape it up like in the first picture or we flood it with grain alcohol to start winterizing like this...

We then dissolve the extract and then get it into a mason jar to freeze and filter it for tinctures or cartridges.

After we filter we have a clean, potent product for future products such as carts...


yesterday morning we took down the flower room...

The first one we took down was the mammoth dairy shake. She was getting way to heavy for her self and all the signs were pointing to harvest.....

Taking this down in pieces. This Whole plant came down pretty quick. Knocking off the fan leaves in one spot ...

And then trimming up the sugar leaves in the stainless steel tray...

Once everything was trimmed up we got all five trays packed up in the new My Herbs Now dryer..

and the other two girls we harvested, the TS Cubed...


Got cut down into big pieces and hung in the drying cabinet ..

Flower room

flower room now contain the 7 auto flowers which are “creature bear og”...

Shit off a few f the lights and we will run these autos until the veg room is ready to bring into flower.

Veg room

Veg room has a few more weeks of vegging. 3 from Pure Smoke Boutiques and one monster cropped clone.

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