Harvest, clones and flower room 💯 💚

Mandarin hammer harvest

we finally took down the second mandarin hammer. We clipped all the fan leaves off into the compost and then wet trimmed them up for the dryer. We were able to pack everything onto one tray but using a second tray and knocking the middle out to allow the room for the cover to fit properly.

We turned the My Herbs Now dryer on and kept It to its preset time of 96 hours. Of course we will check things periodically. we should have another one ready to come down in a few weeks.

12 site Cloner

the cloner We s on day five and we just changed out the solution. Upping concentrations from 30ml of cloning solution to 40ml of solution per gallon of water. We are using Clonex clone solution and ph the mix between 5.5-6.5 we have mandarin hammer regular cuttings and then we have marshmallow Gobbstopper and mandarin hammer monster crop cuttings. We will change this fluid out one more time but I’m hoping we start seeing roots galore here shortly.

Flower Room

after harvesting the mandarin hammer we had room to bring one more girl into flower. We brought in another mandarin hammer which this one has been trained a bit more then the others. The flower room no contains all mandarin hammers and two creature bear og F2 autos. We will be feeding using Advanced Nutrients at 8ml bud candy, 10ml grow, 15ml of micro and 15ml of bloom Per one gallon of water.


We finally got our 2nd full master case delivered yesterday. We now have 48 cans and ready for extraction 🤣 🥳 and we do have a few extraction jobs coming up and this master case won’t last for long.

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