Hard on extractions yesterday

we Blasted the last 12 inch tube of strawberry haze. Roughly 25 grams of flower and we pulled 6.7 grams of wax. We stick half in the vac chamber and was going for a crumble. still in the chamber now. Using pure322 organic solvent from Meta Vega. But we have strawberry haze sugar, sauce and pull n snap and crumble. we have “slap wagon” pull n snap and sauce. we are working on getting a small menu together.

We still got that winterizing project we had to re dissolve it into 190 proof grain alcohol and back to getting rid of the color And we’ll be back on it today at some point.

Here’s the solvent we use and the winterizing project that we are re doing today.

Focus on your canopy. Canopy is your friend.

day 34 of flower for slice the pie and day 19 for the two stoner 63 and TS Cubed. today we feed this room there usual of advanced nutrients and ONIT sciences. Looks like we got a bit of heat stress happening and that for improper air circulation and temp control. There is a window in this room I can hook some air ducting to and run an in-line fan on an environmental controller. This grow was let to stretch a bit more then our past grows but that’s because I was too sure how much they would actually stretch when we first started when you put them into flower and after a few runs through the flower room I feel comfortable getting them a bit bigger and a bit bigger on the next run. Follow us on you favorite social media app. stay lifted my friends.

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