Grows, carts, auto harvest and where we are going next

Cabin Grow

May 26th we flipped this room into flower. I believe we have one more feeding and we can start flushing in a few days. We got 9 out of 11 left in here. We will be drying in this cabin as well. we still need to knock this loft out and move the lights back to that side of the. Avon and get our space back. I think we can build a “drying room” within this cabin or at least set up a grow tent where we can dry. It stays the right temperature in here and would make for a great drying room but we need to keep girls coming through here...

And this morning we will be getting pics of the trichomes and getting a true window of harvest 🎉

Creature bear OG autos

Tre he other day we chopped the smallest auto we had in the flower room. We still have three that are being flushed, this one cut chopped up and we got it into the @My Herbs Now” dryer....

Filling one tray up, turning the dryer on and that’s it. We will do a final trim of everything once crispy. And we maybe blasting this one immediately once it’s ready...

We have three more ”creature bear og” that are now on day 4 of flushing....

The best round of autos we have done yet. We will be getting an autoflower tent/tent up just for these eventually. The flowers came out great... and there fat AF 🎉 these are from (@1212honegrown on Instagram) 💯

photoperiods in flower

and with the autos we have two photoperiods about a 1/3rd of the way through flower. The first one (the sad looking one) is the “marshmallow gobbstopper” from (@puresmokeboutique on Instagram) and the second one is the monster cropped “juicy fruit” which both are in 3 gallon smart pots. Both are under there own set of lights.

Veg room

Veg room now has a killer mix of strains. We still have a few bag seed plants in here but we now have clones from the marshmallow gobbstopper and the juicy fruit clone. which was our first true go at cloning and truly can’t believe how easy it was and the rooting we got 🎉 just awesome 😎 love it. We then have a few of the “mandarin hammer” in here in the black fabric pots. And that one super grape haze should be transplanted ASAP Into a 3 gallon smart pot.

We started topping the clones. And these too will be getting ready for the flower room sooner then later. We’ll keep them in the one gallon pots for a couple of weeks and once we get some good side branching we will start looking at transplanting them into 3 gallon pots.

Wax Room Productions

pen battery’s are being assembled now and should be in this week. We also have the new designed shirts being printed now also. And these go great with the new branded cartridges that we just started fully being on and we got a few filled in blueberry 🎉

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