Grow room up date and cartridges and extractions

We finished the winterizing project yesterday morning. We got 5.5 grams out it....

Flipping it every few hours. degassing the last of the alcohol....

I think we found how to make a good crumble but still have not gotten it down all the way....

we then took 3 grams and made 7 carts in blueberry and 7 In grape with the other 2.5 Grams. But the ones in blueberry mostly got put into the Ikrusher vapes and disposables they sent us. so we will be doing some giveaways with them, filled...

using Wax Liquidizer after winterizing it’s super easy to put carts and pods together. We did triple filtered this batch witch had made a bit of a difference in taste.


so I broke down and packed a 12 inch tube with some TS Cubed flower we grew from seed... made me sad to do it but then we ran Metavega’s pure322 organic solvent through it and we got...

And it came out fire for sure.. we pulled 6 grams that was weighable and we still had some left in the dish that we wash out with grain alcohol and saved for a future winterizing. My guess was six and that what we got..

Fucking exspensive for this shit.... we will be getting back to “regular” material soon.

flower room

Day 11 or 12 of flower I think. havent checked the journal yet but getting towards the second week of flower. Dairy shake and two TS cubed fill this room. We did a killer training in the girl in the back right corner, expect some awesome results from this room. And we don’t have much more room to raise these lights... sooo.. we watching diligently. Today we will feed this room there advanced nutrients and ONIT sciences mix. Veg Room

Almost almost.... they will be going out within the week. April 25 but if the temps don’t show to hold right we just need to wait. Monster cropped clones. Sour sorbet. Mendo cookies, Durban poison and juicy fruit. This room will also get fed the same mix just on a weaker level. All will be transplanted into 10 gallon smartpots. using fox farm ocean forest.


Five exotics from Pure Smoke Boutiques. Will be moving them into the veg room soon. three now have been topped and with the T5 slammed right on top these are doing awesomely. well feed these today as well.


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