Grown room and extraction update


day 45 for “slice the pie“ and day 32 for the other three. “TS Cubed” still dealing with the nitrogen deficiency and the “stoner 63” and “stoner 63-2” are definitely taking longer to fatten up. We will be doing a watering today of plain PH water between 6.4-6.8 and we keep those levels in check with our Blue Labs combo meter with the leap probe. Jumping from solution to medium ph levels in seconds. Just keep it clean if your using it in soils and other mediums. We will be getting a white board for each stage so we can easily keep tabs on what each plant is doing. All sitting in a gallon pots in Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. Nutrients from Advanced Nutrients and ONIT Sciences and there organic grow additive.

and here’s all four..


this room for now has a 400 watt metal halide powering it. We love it but it just can’t efficiently get from wall to wall in this 5 foot by 5.5 foot room so we need to get another light in here to add to it or we need to get a stupid stronger light to replace it. If you have any suggestions I’m all ears.... we got three in 3 gallon pots in the back that are gonna be going to the flower room within the next few weeks. And till then we are working daily on there canopy’s and one of them I don’t think is going to produce very much but it’s hard for me to toss a plant if it’s not a male. We got our monster cropped clones in there on gallon smartpots in Fox Farm Ocean Forest with some volcanic mineral amendment from Vulx mixing in 75 grams per gallon Of medium. We got a few “sour sorbet” “mendo cookies” and the one feminized “Durban poison” thats still sitting in the little plastic pot sitting up between the one gallon fabrics.

And are two “channel fever” from Sanctuary Seeds and we are gonna test this T5 out and see how well these two will do under here.

“no name” and “Devine Kush breathe” flower mix run came out beautifully. packing 55 grams into the 12 inch tube we used two cans of pure322 organic solvent from MetaVega yielding over 17 grams of wax. We got some more material we will be packing this morning of the “no name” and I believe we will be using the small 6 inch extraction tube. We will be running 1.5-2 cans of the pure322.

All of our grows get a mix of Advanced Nutrients and ONIT Sciences organic grow additive.

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