Grow rooms doing awesome and we moved the lights in the cabin.... ๐ŸŽ‰ need my license ๐Ÿ˜

Cabin grow

cabin grow looking good. But the timer never kept spinning. It shut off last night and then stopped spinning. so new timer is needed. But we moved the lights from the loft location where they were maxed out over to the 8 and 10 foot section of the ceiling.

And these Vivosun 315 watt CMH lights have been great but they do put off some heat for sure. And. It o oy have we remedied the burning issue but we k ow have gave us the ability to veg for a longer period of time and will not have to worry about having enough room height wise. We will be knocking the โ€œloftโ€ section out so we can eventually move the lights back to that location and bring back some more needed room for other things in here. Still need to run a 3 phase electricity to this cabin as well.

Flower room

Flower room still has not gotten flipped into flower yet. Corrine has been holding that location down but soon enough we will need a plan so I can be back and forth to both grows so I can properly take care of them. Autos are about half way through there life. This weekend sometime we will get the rest into flower.

Veg Room

Veg room also looking good still. This room will be fed at some point today once I get a ride. (Need my license) these are getting ready for the cabin grow and in about 4-5 weeks will be transplanting these once this cabin grow is taken down. We will be using 10 gallon fabric pots. This round also needs to be gone through and see if we can weed out the males. This room will also be revamped with a mother plant light where the โ€œsuper grape hazeโ€ will be placed under.


Well I donโ€™t know why the picture wonโ€™t load but our 10 mandarin Kush crossed with 9 lbs hammer are doing great. These will be staying in our indoor grow and after we figure out where the girls are we will transplant into 5 gallon fabric pots.

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