Grow room update, extractions

Flower room

we opened up some flower spots yesterday with a heavy, selective defoliating and slight training with super cropping. lol so maybe a “light cropping” haha. But this morning this room is looking more like the way it should be, stacking and fattening out. Dairy shake and two TS Cubed from Sanctuary Seeds. Every strain that has gone through flower from this company has cone out top shelf. is where you can find these same strains you see in our flower room. This is our last round as well From them.

we got five lights hanging in here now lol

Veg room

All should be getting another topping soon. these fine girls are from Pure Smoke Boutique. and all five sprouted, all five made it, all five better be females lol. 100% germination and survival rate. But I wouldn’t be opposed to any males that arise, we could start breeding ourselves soon if we really wanted to. We will be pullling a veg just as long as the last ones that went into flower. That gave us the right time to create the canopys we got now In Flower. Bigger your canopy bigger your yield. training properly will greatly increase you end product weight.


autoflowers look good. About half of them have popped up. These are creature bear OG and creature bear OG crosses. Soon enough these will be getting transplanted into one gallon smartpots in fox farm ocean forest. Excited for these especially the beans coming from a friend who breeds. It’s always good to know someone who loves to breed. I got some learning to do on breeding

This is really what they look like this morning as I was opening the rooms up.

latest extractions

platnium Kush remix.......

Extracted with pure322 organic solvent we are finally back to good oil. older the material the darker it is. And some of you may have seen or even had some of our oils where it was super dark. Again that’s nothing but the age of the material. We should be able to control the material that comes through wax room by the end of the summer. We have a “extractions challenge” Post on here on the site. If interested in joining the challenge message me and I will send you a discount code to get your first cans of pure322.

what we are planning

today Is Monday. Monday is all about growing tips and tricks. our topic of the day will start to correlate with my daily blog posts on the website and our social media. Besides showing what’s happening in wax room I will now start daily topics to stay on. So hopefully this will catch on and do good organicly...

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