Grow room update


so we are “on call“ harvesting, Lol. this being the first harvest with a predicted window of harvest we are almost there. Theoretically harvest for slice the pie is April 13th but if these trichomes turn quicker we will take them. Putting together the three signs will give you your best harvest window. There are three main ways of looking at trichomes....clear trichomes with few cloudy will be a more energetic high. Cloudy with maybe an amber trichome here and there is the best of both worlds, energetic and relaxing? And then 25-50% amber heads is the couch lock and that is what we are going for. These trichome shots are mainly from slice the pie

The other three girls are only trailing behind by 14 days and them being different strains they may finish a bit differently, quicker or slower. We will be picking a strain that we will continuously grow as our consistent flower. Everything is coming from Sanctuary Seeds. and each plant has its own light and there power varies.... we are working on getting enough lights all the same strength so we can have equal flowering throughout this room.


yesterday all the grows got fed or watered. The girls in the one gallon pots... the monster cropped clones are using Vulx volcanic mineral amendment. the best ones will be transplanted into 10 gallon smart pots and brought to the outdoor grow by April 15th I believe. Also going out to the outdoor grow are the seedlings we popped awhile back and those ones are “sour sorbet” “mendo cookies” and the “Durban poison“. we will be using Fox Farm ocean forest soil. We did pop five exotics from Pure Smoke Boutique witch are now sitting in one gallon plastic pots. They will stay under this T5 for as long as possible.


Veg room lately has been being used a bit more efficiently. We made more room in here by pulling al the seedlings and other clones out of here so 3-4 vegging plants can get the proper lighting they need. Only 14-18 more days and these three will be brought into flower. With the “dairy shake” we have Simple Yield Solutions supprt/scrog system on her Helping create the canopy and it will serve as support when the flowers start getting a bit to heavy for there stalk. We have three monster cropped clones under the LED witch those three will also be brought to the outdoor grow. We will be working on everything today

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