Grow room and extraction update

Mae are completely out of dabs!!! Wasn’t paying attention lol. This morning we will be blasting some strawberry haze with pure322 organic solvent by Meta Vega. we still have that winterizing project to finish. We filtered it already three times and have been working on getting rid of the green in it. It’s almost there if not already there. We will get the mason jar out in real sunlight this morning and see what we can do about the color. This oil we are winterizing has been what we have saved from washing tools and dishes.

the new clones and seedlings look great. Clones are starting to stretch and we are super excited to see what these clones do in veg. They were “monster cropped “ and these are our first rooted, and healthy monster cropped clones. We are down to two mendo cookies and 4 sour sorbet. we lost one of each the other night after we transplanted them. And we still got three in the veg room from sanctuary seeds that were lagging behind the rest, rest are in flower right now, so we are taking the time to train these more in depth then our others.

flower room is smelling great. Day 31 of flower for “slice the pie” and the other 3 in here are behind by a week or so. These ones have been grown to not be so low to the pot. We had a tougher time watering and feeding the two clones being so low to the pot. So these have been grown a bit taller and defoliated heavier then our past grows. Still figuring this whole operation out from seed to social media.

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