Green house redo, paradise circus extraction, grow room update

Extractions We picked up some new flower called “paradise circus” we packed two zips I to the 18 inch extraction tube.... we also packed the 6 inch tube with the last zip.....

And then we get it into its warm water bath....

after the bulk has boiled off we then cone back gale the Pyrex dish out of the warm water bath, dry the bottom off, and then we use two razors to collect, ya there are “better ways”....

Once we collect we then decide what we are going to do next. It’s either to a jar or slick or to the vac chamber. we chose vac chamber.... and this is what we got, still not weighed though....

When using pure322 organic solvent there is virtually no vac time compared to the minimum of 120 hours in the vac chamber when doing bho.

Outdoor Grow

green house got a little “face lift”. With my stupid decision to bring these out early has been an awesome learning experience. we slid in between the frame and the green house covering a reflective material. The weather has not been cooperating at all. We hung up a second led for a better lighting until the dam sun comes out and the weather gets better.

New Indoor Grow

Checking the unfinished cabin out. This is where we usually dry our outdoor grow. Now it’s being looked at to be the next “year round” indoor grow. Finding some product from last years harvest lol.

New packaging

the jars and slicks don’t fit here. But we will modify our packaging so we can use these. For the vac sealer we should be able to come up with some cool packaging In the end. We will order bigger bags just like this so we can for those jars and slicks in there.

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