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🎊 Giveaway 🎊

rules: become a member, like this post and comment below. We will be giving two of these away every Wednesday now and yes it will be will with the flavor of the week. Good luck and thank you πŸ™ 😊 winner will be chosen for Friday mornings blog.


we grabbed 27 ounces of green crack for extractions. We did a test run with 23 grams and we did come out with 3.5 grams of extract.

Honeycomb got down 3 18 inch extraction tubes. Blasting on top of the last blast .. running each blast through a warm water bath.

Once all the blasts have been blasted and purged we are ready To start the winterizing process.

flooding the dish with 190 proof grain alcohol and allowing the extract to dissolve is step one of the process. Once fully dissolved we will seal it in a mason jar and get it into the freezer where the seperation will occur as the fats and lipids become solid and seperate from the cannabinoids.

πŸ‘† and ya 🎊 I just need to grow some balls here and start using it πŸ˜‚ but this source will be a great money saver for us as well as bring our quality up

New grow room

We got a new 36x20x63 Vivosun grow tent installed yesterday. We installed a 800 watt led in there...

We the. Had the neighbor put in some random bag seed pops he did... tuck it well run it and see what happens

i normally would never run bag seed but I guess we’ll how I hunt these ten... hopefully we’ll get a female and we’ll start feminizing, maybe if we find a good one. But we now have two small grow rooms to go with the big 5x5 but it looks like I’m gonna need a 5x8


Well cuttings.... πŸ˜‚ and we took the full 12 to fill the 12 site up. Mixing 10 ml of Clonex to one gallon of water and bringing the ph to between 5.5-6.5 and in 4 days we will change out the fluid and up the concentration by 10ml per gallon and we will do this 3-5 times within a 14 day period. Done correctly the roots are awesone, done half assed brings half assed roots.... I know 😝


as always if interested in any of our products just send us an email at and we’ll get right back to you. New flavor carts are coming out this week in OG Kush using the green crack extract.

and i apologize for yesterday... truly not a big deal but when trying to show consistency missing the blog yesterday hurt the record but bo worries... probably gonna happen again as we get closer to the new outdoor grow year. One of the biggest helps I could ask of you guys is β€œwhat do you wanna see on these blogs?”

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