Giveaway winners, extractions, germination & grow update 🎉 💯 💚

🎊Giveaway winners🎊

this week we have a double winner 🥳 both of you please send shipping details to my email please. And I appreciate everyone who entered. Wednesday we will start another giveaway... on to the blog


Like usual we are still on the platinum kush breathe which has been a 🔥 strain for yield and potency

First thing we did was grab the 18 inch tube out of the freezer and ran another can through to see if we missed anything. This blast will be dissolved in alcohol and collected for future carts.

Our small case of pure322 came in yesterday as well. 🥳

👆 there’s the link to honeycombs page where she packed the 12 inch extraction tube with 65 grams of platinum kush breathe and she ran two cans of pure322 organic solvent.

after running the warm water bath honeycomb then collected it into the oil barrel and weighed it. Yielding 15.5 grams of extract. This will now sit for curing. (Didn’t get much content as yesterday was an awesome busy day in the lab with everything and the lady 🥳)

lab test & availability update

We are getting low on the Girl Scout cookie and sour diesel cartridges. But the zkittlez are abundant for the moment. Today we get things brought to Pro Verde Labs for testing 🥳 we will be getting one of the zkittlez carts tested and the extract honeycomb did yesterday of the platinum Kush breath

👇 also here’s just a little of the feed back we have gotten from people about the new and improved cartridges.... 60$ a piece 500$ a 10 pack

And here we are 👆 getting our Stashlogix case filled with some of the new zkittlez carts...

😊 and that truly does make me happy. If your not happy with what you get from us either given or bought we need you to be happy with the product, period. 💯 💚

Cart education... more to come

As we get deeper and deeper into carts, 🤷‍♂️ how or why 😂 we have become the cartridge people now but I am dead ☠️ set on making sure I get all the information I can on these full spectrum cartridges as knowledge is power .... challenged knowledge that has been laid to rest with facts.... I’m trying... I’m learning

Grow spot #1 veg room #1 & #2

Yesterday morning we got both of these veg rooms fed. The first room we did was the G8LED room which is doing awesome. These were in flower for about 20 days to properly sex them and now have been reverting beautifully back to veg. Using Advanced nutrients we mixed up 15ml grow, 15ml micro, 10ml of bloom and 5 ml of onitsciences organic grow additive. This mixture was duplicated for veg room #2. We also did some defoliating and training on these rainbow🌈 gobstoppers and banana French cookie.

And as these girls get back to fully vegging we should start seeing exsplosive growth starting. These canopies are already 🔥 now we just need to stay up with them and keep them even as possible . veg room #2 we have the 10 autoflowers that are finally starting to flower, I’m not good with most autos. There has been one strain of autos that have worked for me and we may just pop some soon.

germinating new seeds !!

We have five seeds here. We have got 3 bubba hash, one fruit salad and one critical +2.0

Honeycomb got the rock wool cubes soaked in ph water

And setting up the seedling tray: heating pad under cardboard which the tray sits on top of the cardboard. Cardboard is used to help distribute the heat more evenly and helping these seed crack open. All of these are feminized and all of these will be cloned for further grows. Oh and feminizing as well making some more seeds if anyone is interested in them.

New product testing

So we got sent some “Burp Lids” these things fit on any wide mouth mason jar. Comes with a pump and the lid has dials to keep track of your cutting time. Pumping the stale air out is much better then Opening and burping jars. Just pump, awesome 👏

and we have feminized marshmallow gobstoppers genetics available just send us a dm.

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