Giveaway winner, next giveaway, curing extracts, grow room updates, I may have a job?? πŸŽ‰ πŸ’― ❀️

🎊 giveaway winner 🎊

πŸ₯³ congrats my friend you can send your shipping details to πŸŽ‰

🎊 next GIVEAWAY 🎊

We are giving away one of the full spectrum one gram glass cartridge. rules: just like this post, comment below and be sure to be a member and the winner will be announced Friday before I leave for Nashville πŸ₯³ πŸ’― πŸ–€

G8LED C3 flower room

And we are getting into week 4 with the monster cropped 🌈 gobstoppers and 🍌 French πŸͺ. We have been defoliating like crazy but it’s expected when reverting plants from flower back to veg. The C3 Led light can be found at and we have ours in bloom with the dimmer all the way up. So far so good, this light has been doing the best yet.

Seedlings & veg room

we got the 8 new feminized marshmallow gobstoppers in fox farm β€œhappy frog” soil in one gallon fabric pots. and with em we have the last 2 autoflower Durban poison that have yet to start flowering, all the other autos flowered and are now history πŸ˜‚ these two though..... we should be able to get these 8 seedlings vegged and finish vegging in the G8 room and then flip to flower.

More seedlings 🌱

and we now have 4 more strains started. GG4, og kush, platform 9.... these ones are regular photoperiods so we will need to sex these and make sure we don’t put any males out in the new outdoor grow. We should be getting another tent or two as we need the room to keep seeds coming. Feminizing is going to be key in keeping our genetics in play. We do have two bubba hash, fruit salad, critical+2.0 that would be perfect for feminizing. Vivosun 5x5

And yesterday honeycomb got the girls there food ready. These girls are on week 3 of flower and soon enough it will be time for harvesting. All we use is Advanced Nutrients 3 part system and when it comes to blooming we adjust the levels and add bud candy 🍭 🍬 and the results have been getting better and better.

Cured extracts

And finally after a few days we got our caviar Jesus og. We should be doing a big extraction here today, tomorrow before I leave for Nashville.

we will be staying up with the blog i on get the next two weeks as I have my daughter coming up πŸ₯³ and I leave Friday to fly to nashville to get her. After April 5th we will be back up full swing but don’t be fooled I’m always here and if you guys need anything just shoot us a message πŸ’― πŸ’š if your not happy we are not doing our job

What do you think πŸ€” πŸ‘‡

🀩 🀩 🀩 is my vision finally gonna come true?? Am I going to get my dream career in making people happy πŸ˜‚...

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