Giveaway winner. Green house set up and grow room update


Winner of the vape giveaway is seminole22 (kevinmartin22). send us your mailing address. And congrats and we hope you enjoy your new IKrusher disposable vape filled by us. we will be getting another giveaway together for tomorrow mornings blog.


Yesterday the green house showed up just on time and early too. We went and set it up at the outdoor grow site. didnt take long to put this little thing together. We got some bad add stakes for all four corners....

And being as small as it is it fit all the plants in with room to go. But gives us more room to spread things out when they start getting bigger.

11 are in 10 gallon fabric pots and 5 are in 15 gallon smartpots...

Again we strapped everything down to stakes. We shouldn’t have a problem as long as we check all connections and Velcro and tie downs everytime we come to this grow. We will be working on a bigger, better and more permanent green house for next year. We may even buy a bigger greenhouse soon. Knowing we want to keep these girls covered, we want top shelf flower so that will take top shelf attention and support. Easy......

new genetics

We got some new beans to test out. We got some creature bear og F2 and creature bear og crosses. These are regular autoflower genetics done by @1212homegrow on Instagram. Appreciate the this and we will be popping them today.

Flower room

about to hit the beginning of week 3 of flower. Dairy shake and two TS cubed from Sanctuary Seeds. We did the last defoliating on the dairy shake yesterday....

And yesterday all three in here got watered with plain PH water to 6.4-6.8

Veg Room

six girls will be filling this room out. We have the five exotic strains from Pure Smoke Boutiques witch are all different. We do have a monster cropped clone in here we got from our friends at @goodtimesgrow420 and our last clones from them are now in the outdoorbgrow.


we picked up some better material the other day. Still not what we are quite looking for for normal production but jw a lot better then the last batch. The color of your extracts are not just dictated by the strain it is but the age of the material. Older the material darker it is, usually. But if you had a dark colored strain it may come out darker then liked.... age my friends age..... does not get better with time like wine lol. Maybe The flower gets better for the first year of a freshly cut flower curing properly. This blast was a 18 inch tube packed with flower. Running two cans of pure322 organic solvent (dimethal ether) by MetaVega.

Offered Services

we can extract for you. using pure322 organic solvent, this allows us to come to you and extract your home grown medicine. 2 hour appointments are recommended to not just get it extracted but learn our tech, method and amazing solvent we now use. we have perfected this tech and solvent over the last 8 months. starting with BHO 2 years ago we were offered to try this new solvent pure322 witch is DHO, we couldn’t stop. Yield and quality right out of the tube is amazing. And we want to offer you the same experience allowing you to obtain your medicines at a cheaper, quicker better quality option then the dispensaries. We do this daily and live what we do. Just shoot us a message or text 774-764-8406 is my direct line. Text is best.... hands are usually sticky as fuck.

will be working on getting a new giveaway every week. Of course we will post on all of our social platforms when we post a new giveaway on here. We do not sell not give any illegal substances or drugs to no person. Get the fuck outta here If you think that. My house my house

lol keep it a 100

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