Giveaway winner, DHO extraction, winterizing and grow room update πŸŽ‰ πŸ’― πŸ’š

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We picked up 200 grams of platinum kush breathe. We used the 36 inch tube

We packed 160 grams ....

packing the tube relativley tight and we prepared to run 4 cans of pure322 organic solvent

once extracted we run the Pyrex dish through the warm water bath until the bulk of the solvent has purged

and this is the time we decide to either collect and cure or start winterizing.... so we started winterizing

flooding the dish with 190 proof grain alcohol, we dissolved the extract and once dissolved we poured it into a mason jar and sealed it

And this now goes into the freezer. The fats and lipids will become solid as the solution freezes down. This will allow us to filter it and we can then start the purging of the alcohol.

once the bulk of the alcohol has purged we will then finish it in this vac chamber and get it to a a shatter finish...

recent extract curing

on day 3 of curing now and is basically done... the πŸ‘ƒ is awesome

Veg Room 1

6 🌈 gobstoppers and the two 🍌 French πŸͺ still just sitting there being plants again... today should be feeding day for these girls. As we go through veg for the next 4-6 weeks we will be working on the canopy getting as big as we possibly can. The G8LED C3 has been an awesome light and when we go to flower I’ll try to show you a side by side veg and flower to show the difference in lighting with this light.

Veg Room 2

the nine are starting to take off. We watered them yesterday and tomorrow we should be feeding them. Running a 400 watt metal halide about 35 inches from the tops. These are autos so πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ what is going to happen with these but I’m hoping for the bes

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