Giveaway winner, carts, extracts, grows & penis envy 🎉 💯 💚

🎊 giveaway winner 🎊

Vic is this weeks winner of the Bomb factory gummies 🎉 congrats brotha.. send me your info to my email and we’ll get them out Tuesday or so...


We finally got the cherrygasm batch done and we finished this small batch off at 12.5 grams of shatter.

We grabbed one of the new 30ml zkittlez bottles of flavor from Terps USA and we added 7ml of flavor and we heated it gently. We mixed until the extract was fully suspended in the zkittlez.

We grabbed 17 of our new black tipped full ceramic carts and we got to filling

And they are already fucking gone. 😂 next batch we make we will be extracting a 1/4 pound or more and making a proper batch Of cartridges.

Mixed strain extraction

we mixed some more cherrygasm and “GAK” (which came out purple) and we packed 90 grams into the 18 inch extraction tube. Running 2-1/2 cans of pure322 organic solvent by Metavega and we got this 👇

And I’m am not convinced the older the material less likely to crystal and sugar up 😞 but that is not a bad thing.. but we collected it and it is now curring.

we yielded 18 grams on this run. 🎉

Vivosun 5x5 & G8LED

Under our C3 LED we have two bubba hash, critical +2.0 and a fruit salad all just entering week 4 of flower. We have roughly 5 weeks to go and once we start seeing some heavy trichome production and we are in week 6-7 we will get the microscope out and start figuring a more exact window of harvests. and we have a heavy smell of cheese and fruit starting to become pretty noticeable 😂 this round will have an awesome end nose to it once we get it to the final cure 🎉

and they are stacking better then the last round we just harvested of the marshmallow gobstopper but we will have another chance for proper stacking on the next round with the gobstoppers.

Penis envy

And the penis envy are coming along well. We are about to start the second flush of these which should be a pretty awesome flush. And I do have two more bins of Cambodian that are ready tk start fruiting that I will be showing a little later this morning once we get to the lab before I take off for Nashville.

if interested in anything we produce or offer please feel free to send us an email with your inquiry. I like working on a job for some one instead of trying to keep up with stock. But either way we are ready when you are and I leave tigger my daughter today in Nashville 🎉 💯 💚

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