Giveaway Winner, cartridges, curing dabs, grow update

🎊 Giveaway winner 🎊

🥳 congrats to the winner!! Send me your shipping details to my email at you will be receiving a full spectrum disposable 👇


Between honeycomb and I we got 5 strains extracted.

We got ”slurry” “prayer pupil” “Cinderella 99” “grand daddy purp” and “Jesus og” done keeping the strains separated but we did do a mixed run for our winterizing and carts.


👆 the slurry was one of the better strains. This strain yielding nearly 31% return with a nose 👃 like whoa lol after less then 24 hours we have this 👇

that sugar sauce and 😋 👏 done only with pure322 organic solvent whoch you can find at and using “waxroom10” will get you a discount 🥳 💯

Granddaddy purp

We had 30 grams of GDP and we extracted this one for honeycomb and we came out with 4 grams

super purple with a cheese fruity 👃

Prayer pupil

Another awesome flower with a great nose

We packed this flower lightly as it was super dry bee didn’t want to plus the tube up. You always want passive air movement in your packed tube

And so going over every strain would be insane 😂 but at the end we had some great extractions

Jarring out 3 gram jars with most of them.

winterizing & cartridges

👆 we did a 112 gram blast of mixed flower and dissolved it grain alcohol and froze it down for separation, running the Buckner funnel

Using a couple coffee filters we hooked up the funnel to the vac pump

Filtering out all the fats and lipids and impurities that will clog the carts and make them taste bad

We are then ready to run the “source” and start reclaiming the alcohol for later use and getting the extract ready to finish purging in the vac chamber

Using a combination of heat and pressures we degas this extract and get it cleaned up for carts

The color on this batch is awesome

Once the vac chamber is done doing it’s job we are ready to weigh this shatter up and get mixing on carts

We came out with exactly 25 grams of shatter.... carts are next


Taking the winterized extract and measuring out the proper amount of terpenes we add that to the 25 grams into our mixing glass and we warm it up gently and mix

And we are now ready to fill carts. This time we are using one gram disposable vape pens

And always filling by hand 🤚

We got 55 one gram vape pens filled...

New shit 🎉

and we got one of our new stainless steel tables In way early and so honeycomb and I jumped on it ASAP

And what a difference it makes having nice tables to work on. We got more coning and we have one coming for the grow rooms to keep the nutrients on and its on casters to roll it around room to room 😊


G8LED room is about to explode 😂 two rainbow 🌈 gobstoppers and 🍌 French 🍪 as we have 4 more weeks of veg before we flip back into flower.

👆 and we moved the 10 bag seed seedlings into the flower tent with the strawnana tangilope sonwe can get them sexed and we will keep these in veg after we wax them and will be going outside as part of this years outdoor grow.

Im sorry for the late blog but it’s up and Monday we’ll have another one up and wednesday another giveaway. So tell your friends and soon I will be making this site exclusive to only members soooo I’m thinking .... appreciate everyones support this has been awesome so far

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