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πŸ₯³ πŸ˜‰ Giveaway 🎊

Yooooooooo good morning freaks this weeks giveaway we going even more πŸ˜‚ πŸ‘‡

One gram of strawnana tabgilope extracted with as always pure322 organic solvent. Find it at using β€œwaxroom10” will get you a discount. AND ALSO giving away 2 1/2 gram cartridges.

rules: 1. like this post and comment.

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3. Winner will be picked at random who have completed those 2 rules. good luck and I appreciate every single one of you fucking awesome people 🀩 πŸ’― πŸ’š

any issues just message us and we can help. 😊


honeycomb got a 6 inch tube packed of the freshly cut and dried strawnana tangilope and got 20 grams packed.

running one can of pure322 organic solvent.

πŸ‘† 😳 and after the warm water bath this is what’s in the dish πŸ˜† we back!!! 🀣 and after collection

And after the warm water bath snd curing for a day we came out with just over 3 grams of extract. πŸŽ‰ yields cannot be beat by any other solvent or tech.... yet. πŸ’―

and then we got back to normal blasting and we picked up 120 grams of ”Jesus OG” which smells like fruit 🍎 fruit....

Honeycomb packed the 18 inch tube with roughly 75 grams of the Jesus og flower. Running 2-1/2 cans into the Pyrex dish... warm water bath and above is just at the end of that warm water bath. Like watching a camp πŸ”₯

Once the bubbling had stopped and the warm water bath has done its job (usually have to change the water out at least once otherwise it freezes) we are then ready to collect

After collection we weighed it and got back 20+ grams with some still left behind in the dish. Anything left in the dish gets washed with alcohol and kept for later use in furthering products. Again pure322 has been a big part of our success in all of this it truly is a one of kind solvent as far as I’m concerned or have seen. Works beautifully. We will cure this batch for the next few days till we get that sugar sauce... caviar consistency

πŸ‘† we also started a small shatter run. Using that jar of washed Pyrex dishes from our blasts we froze the jar and filtered through our Buckner funnel using a simple coffee filter above the glass filter

Filtering out any foreign objects and all the solid fats and lipids that had separated during freezing. If not removed you will not have a shatter or anything nearly CLEAN enough to put into a vape.

Now that the extract is clean we are ready for the SOURCE by Extract Craft which will purge the bulk of the alcohol and reclaiming it allowing us to use later on.

Shortly this will be ready to get into a vac chamber and finish the purging of the alcohol allowing the extract to ”shatter” up 😊 easy peasy πŸ˜†

Defoliating marshmallow gobstoppers

as the feminized marshmallow gobstoppers are going into week 2, maybe it’s early, but we did a full lollipop 🍭 on all 6 of them.

There is a before and after of one of them.

πŸ‘† and here’s a few shots of a few before defoliating.....

πŸ‘† and look πŸ‘€ at that 🀩 now these girls have been properly defoliated to strictly focus there time and energy of producing at bud sites that are getting the proper lighting and we should see some awesome shit happening here soon 🀣

πŸ‘† and we took all the good cuttings and got them in water. soaked some rock wool cubes and we prepped 35 cuttings for cloning as we used Clonex clone gel

And we are cloning differently then what we usually try and do

And hopefully most of them take. In about 7-14 days we should see roots and we will then get those into one gallon fabric pots.

fem marshmallow GOBSTOPPER seedlings 🌱

And just like at the lab, location one bow has feminized marshmallow gobstoppers seedlings. Starting them in rock wool cubes in a propagation tray. Once sprouted they are ready for planting. We use one gallon fabric pots and fox farm β€œhappy frog” and we use rock wool cubes because it helps reduce the risk of shocking the roots

And that’s just what we did. These will get water for the first 7-10 days and then we will run a light feeding for roughly 10 days and the. Should be good for full strength feedings. We will be running this strain a lot now πŸ˜‚

G8LED flower room

And the monster cropped 🌈 gobstoppers and 🍌 French πŸͺ are insanely bushy πŸ˜‚.... 1980’s .....and so we did another defoliating on them.

i thank you everyone 🎊

πŸ’― πŸ’š πŸ‘Š πŸͺ΄

as always we are here for you 😊

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