GIVEAWAY! Extractions & tips and tricks, seeds and the G8LED C3 🎉 💯 💚

Good morning Canna Fam!! and happy Monday! we have some awesome extractions And we got some things happening in the grow room with some new strains. comment at the bottom what your favorite piece of content was in this post and pick a number between 0 and 50 and well pick a winner tuesday night and we will announce the winner on Wednesday morning blog. leave your IG handle as well so i can find ya on there

the prize will be a box of various items including beans, wax room pen battery’s and some of the new flavors we have going on.


above we got the “cherry OG” which was a mix flower run of “jesus OG” and “cherry gasm” and as always running pure322 organic solvent which you can find at and using “waxroom10” and get a discount with tour first purchase. This cherry og is at a 4 day cure now and the terps are 🔥. Few more days we will have more of a crumble sugar finish.

Above, we got just under a half pound of some fire strains. Mind you the grower of these exact flowers and at ya in have been consistent since day one, when we outsource material we outsource the best. we got 4 zips of “divine storm” one “platinum Kush breathe”and one zip of “GAK Lemon” with a side bag of more “diving Storm” but it was still on the stalks.

we got out and packed up the 36 inch tube. After using it a few times there no other way I can extract unless we have tiny extractions. We moderately packed this goliath with 80 grams of “Divine Storm” flower.

We did not freeze the tube for two reasons one: we have simply

not been freezing out tubes as this solvent doesn’t show of difference in yield and two: I don’t have a fucking fridge big enough 🤣 🤦‍♂️ but it’s all good. We ran 3 cans of puredab pure322 organic solvent.

Oh, and if you didn’t know I pray to this shrine. The best solvent I have ever used, once I properly figured out its characteristics and figured out how to manipulate it with various techniques which I’m dying to teach people many seem to be having tough times and are giving up after there first go 😞 I can help, please 😝

After slamming down those 3- 500ml+ cans through the 36 incher into the Pyrex dish we allowed the tube to restricted at about 45 degrees allowing it to drip that last bits into the dish and we dropped the Pyrex dish into a warm water bath.

Once the bulk of the solvent has been purged and the extract is still soupy it’s time to collect and get it into a silicone container. Silicone containers are best to use for curing your extracts when using pure322.

Once collected into our silicone container we weighed it up and got 18.2 grams in return. Now again this is not finished, however letting it to sit like this for 3-4 hours seems it safe for consumption as we have had lab tests done by Pro Verde Labs in Marlboro Massachusetts that proved the claims. but we like to cure it for killer sugar/sauce/crumble finishes that vary in texter to your liking.

Here in my favorite black skull silicone we have some of the “divine storm” that we blasted just over 24 hours again when that video was taken. You can see that it’s starting to crystallize or sugar up. Now thos skull seals up really good so the curing time takes a bit longer in this one. But within days you start getting something like this 👇

Now those two cured extracts above 👆 are actually from the same batch. It’s the “strawberry 🍓 putang” and both of these are at different stages of curing. both are straight 🔥 🎉 love it


yesterday we got in our new flavors of the “Pineapple Express“ and “blueberry” from Wax Liquidizer. and we have had some winterized ”sugarcane” that we extracted with pure322 to get everything out the first time and we then winterized it using grain alcohol which you can read up on, on our last few blogs back. Here we have 8 grams we chose to use the Pineapple

🍍 Express. we used our small mixing glass and a small metal dab tool and we mixed.

And the picture does not do it justice. The solution has a beautiful amber color letting you know at first glance that this is not distillate. many have never even heard of DHO CARTS before and it’s awesome to have people starting to understand the difference and what they prefer.... 🤐 😂 and they just keep getting better.

We the. Took another small slab of the same extract and we got together another small batch of juice in blueberry.

And again the color is awesome.

We grabbed some past bottles we had kickin around d them out to store these mixes in there proper labeled containers as we wait for the new back up cartridges to arrive from IKrusher. So we have “🍇 🦧“ “ Pineapple 🍍 Express” and “blueberry” which will all be available Monday night. 🎉


Alright 🎉 so we started 6 “rainbow gobbstoppers” and 6 “banana French cookies” and we had a 100% germination rate 🤩 awesome and these came from and they have a few lineups out now go check them out! Soon we will be partners I believe with 🙌🏻 and so we got the rest of the banana french cookies 🍪 potted into there one gallon fabric pots. Using Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. And then we lightly watered them. Now I use rock wool cubes and everyone likes to laugh at me but dude you reduce the risk of shock to the roots when planting them after germination and I started doing this when I started doing autoflowers just cuz you wanna definitely minimize shock on autoflowers.

Flower Room & G8LED C3

The flower room has been jumping ever since gave us this amazing top shelf, top model C3 light. Just an amazing light so far. right now while in flower, where this light will most likely stay, we have the dimmer all the way up with the “bloom booster“ on 👇

here I try to show you the difference with the “bloom booster” and n and off. This light ranges above the canopies from 8 to 13 inches. And this supposably can penetrate up to five feet of canopy. Below is the light chart 👇 🔥

So far a very impressive light and easy to install and the power of this thing is none like I have seen before in any LED 🤣 it just replaced 4 lights we had in here. 😝 🎊

mandarin hammer X Marshmallow gobbstopper seeds

Above we got them beans!!! crossing the marshmallow gobbstopper with the mandarin hammer and we have some great looking beans and they should be feminized but this was my very first time making a seed on purpose. They are for sale and some will be added to the giveaway. 35$ a ten pack DM us for inquiry

wax room apparel and gear

all new lineup drops this week. Get your preorder in before there gone. What ever sells the best we will get a bulk order of and then we will do a full wax room giveaway from head to toe and dab to rig giveaway. For now you can find what we have available now at or shoot us a DM and size and we can get you fitted! 🎉

Also find our pen battery’s at the shop. We are now out of red and only have black ones which actually look sexy as fuck.


💚 💯

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