Giveaway, extractions, grow update and more 🎉 💯 💚

🎊 Giveaway 🎊

Today’s special giveaway is going to be a gram of the “auto salad” extract and one 1/2 gram cartridge. rules: 1. like and comment on this post. 2. become a member of you already have not. Pick a number between 0-50 winner will be announced Wednesday morning. 🎉 💯


we picked up a small batch off “Jesus og” flower and packed the 12 inch tube with 60 grams of. Running 2 cans of pure322 organic solvent ( using “waxroom10” will get you a discount) we blasted it into the Pyrex dish.

Running the warm water bath, 👃 and color on this one came out much better then the last one.

And we came out with just over 17.5 grams of extract. We weighed out into 3.5 gram slicks. These will now sit for curing.

Extraction #2

and the larfy autos got tossed together and blasted. Came out with 1.8 😢 but that was expected. Still a great extract with a 🔥 👃 and you will be winning a gram of this if you entered by the rules above 👆.

extraction # 3

and earlier this weekend we got another batch of Jesus og extracted which has been curing for the last couple days.

And this extraction is being used for experiments and we are whipping and a few other things to start changing the finish on some of these.

Week 3 of flower

And yes week 3 of flower for the feminized marshmallow gobstoppers 🎉 heavily feeding till we start seeing a burn and still not seeing a burn yet 😂 but this strain is going to be our go to strain. Feeding this room Advanced Nutrients 3 part line up while adding in bud candy. 8ml bud candy, 10 ml og grow, 15 ml of micro and 15 of bloom per gallon

🌱 Seedlings 🌱

the 6 fem marshmallow gobstoppers are moving along pretty well. These 6 will be going into the 5x5 as the next round as soon as the 5x5 gets harvested.

Fem ”bubba” “salad””critical”

2 bubba hash, critical +2.0 and fruit salad now have all been topped and working on there training. We should be able to flower these in one of these smaller tents. we do have three new TS-600 Mars hydro LED that we will use for that.

Seedlings and clones

we stopped by emerald city hydroponics and we grabbed two bags of fox farm happy frog and 20 one gallon pots.

A few of the cuttings are showing roots but not big enough yet. We do have the new 4 strains we started from seed. a few of those strains are coming through and we did start planting them , just didn’t get any content 😞 on it.

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