Giveaway, closed loop extraction and veg room update 🎉 💯 💚

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giving away one of our new formulated carts that’s also gaining popularity much quicker then our regular carts. You will recieve one ”sour diesel“ full spectrum cart and a wax room productions variable wattage battery and charger, of course. Enter here and Monday morning we will announce the winner across the whole dam spectrum so even if your not on linked in or CannaBuzz announcement will still be made across those platforms so I strongly suggest getting on these apps and away from Facebook centered apps.

Closed loop system extractions

Finally 🎊 we are working on getting this closed loop system up and running, fully. As we move forward with this system please keep in mind that we are working on figuring out how to reclaim this solvent properly so we don’t make a mess and can “nicely” reclaim and reset the system. Soooo

oooooo we got our second extraction put together. We ran one test run a few days back and 😂 ya I was scared, dick.... when your dealing with pressures and solvent you take a little bit more time making sure things are safe. This extraction was unweighed 😬 but I was more concerned of leaks snd the actual set up... from here on out we will be back to weighing and keeping track of material/yield math down and recorded.

And again just understanding this system is number one and I do know that over the next few weeks we will be getting deeper into what the fuck is going on and what the fuck I need to do to properly use it.... but we got this 18 inch tube packed and locked on and we ran 2 cans of pure322 organic solvent.

And the stress this system takes off the body is amazing. No more holding tubes and pressing cans... the can tap makes this process much easier for me personally and does allow more room for expansion on this system that open blasting wouldn’t allow as easily. this blast was then poured into our Pyrex dish for proper purging

A few minutes later.... 👇 🔥 PKB

So this part I’m wanting to figure out how to reclaim this solvent and do the 90% of the purging in the “splatter platter” and we can start saving money and product. But once the extraction was purged in the warm water bath we are ready to collect the extract and start the cure.

👆 and after 24 hours we started to get a nice sugar sauce. And the 👃 as usual is 🔥

and after 48 hours 👇

We have close to a sugar crumble. I have noticed a better extraction using this system but it’s still to early to say that there is a better extraction until we start getting replicable results, the. We will know better on how this system performs. So far.... I’m in love 🥰.

Veg room 2

Veg room 1 is packed up as we wait for the last three to show sex in the “flower room” we will then move these 🍌 French cookie and 🌈 gobstoppers back to that room and reset the new G8LED C3 to veg and keep on the training and get the canopies to there epic stages 😛


The next carts to come out will be in “sour diesel” “gelato” and “Girl Scout 🍪“ and using products by Terps USA and I can safely say that these blow our regular carts out of the water. Despite the growing popularity we will always keep our regular carts available .

my blog posts and social media posts will always be as packed as possible but I can’t always get all the information out when needed. If your interested in learning MY PROCESS you can always hit me up and schedule a “session” and as we expand a lot of time and energy is being focused on our infrastructure . I’m always here regardless if you ever have any questions 💯 💚

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